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Toilet Training Policy
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Toilet Training Policy

Campers enrolled in Steve & Kate’s must be fully toilet trained before attending camp. Children must wear underwear, as opposed to training pants, in order to be considered fully toilet trained. A child who has accidents daily would not be considered toilet trained. We do understand that even toilet trained children will occasionally have accidents. By definition, “accidents” are unusual incidents and should happen infrequently.

 A toilet trained child must be able to do the following:

● Communicate if they need to go to the restroom before they need to go

● Alert themselves to stop what they are doing, and use the bathroom when needed

● Pull down their clothes and get them back on without assistance

● Wipe themselves after using the toilet

● Get on/off the toilet by themselves

● Wash and dry hands

● Allow themselves enough time to walk to the restroom and wait a few moments if it’s currently occupied

Campers should be able to complete toileting activities independently. Please dress your child in clothing they can easily manage without assistance..

A child will not be considered toilet trained for camp if the child continues to consistently have toileting accidents.