Ableton and Push 1 Training

I’m inviting you to take part in a training program for teachers in Ableton and it’s integrated controller, the Push 1.

The number of students arriving at schools having used Ableton Live Lite (which comes free with many keyboards or controllers) or the complete version is growing. More and more students are using it for writing, arranging and recording their compositions. Others are using it for live performance. Moderating the Musicnet threads, and my own conversations with NZ teachers and those in the music industry confirms this.

Worldwide Ableton have an education program that places reconditioned Push 1s in schools free of charge. With the support of Ableton, I’m offering to take a small number of teachers, who don’t know or currently use Ableton, through a training program in how to use it, and it’s integrated controller, the Push 1. This will be part of my current Masters in E-Learning, where I trial a model of delivering professional learning. The goal is that this will help support teachers and students who currently, or in the future, use Ableton Live.


The training will take place from Late June to Mid October. The course will be blended with an online classroom and resources being joined with two face-to-face training days spaced near the start, and the end of the course.


You will be expected to commit to 1 hour of work each week (on average). This will include videos, readings, and applying your learning in Ableton Live. Additionally, you will be sharing your compositions and results of your tasks with others in the group via a bi-weekly Zoom (video conference) meeting of 45mins.


We provide

You provide

At the end of the course, you will return the Push 1 and Ableton Live license.