SBA Cards

Contact Judy Raymond ( for assistance on using any of these cards.


Costco purchases are processed on a two-card system. You will need both cards to finalize the sale. SBA members do not have to pay for their Costco membership - it is covered by SBA.

Costco Membership Card

This card allows SBA members access to the store and enables purchases.

Costco Credit Card

This card allows purchases to be charged to the SBA account.

Hardware Stores


SBA members get a 5% discount at the time of purchase. The discount only appears on the store receipt, not the invoice generated by the purchase. Members do not pay for the card or interest.

Home Depot

Members do not pay for the card, or interest.

Jack’s Hardware

740 Packard. Commercial Charge at locally-owned, conveniently-located hardware store. Call SBA to be put on an authorized purchase list.

Fifth Third Mastercard

All SBA member houses receive a credit card for cash purchases at Kroger and Meijer. Charge card available to SBA members to replace cash purchases requiring reimbursement, allow for purchases where no accounts exists and make purchasing and record keeping easier. Access to online site to view purchases is available and encouraged. GFS offers a significant discount to SBA members if a full case is purchased, and a limited discount if less than a full case is purchased. Meijer and Kroger offer no discount whatsoever.