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elite Professional Company Membership Contract


Email Address

Cell Phone Number 

What is your Birthdate?  (D/M/Y)  _______    

How old will you be for the season? _____

Please list your current level of experience for:

Dance:  Ballet                 Jazz                Tap                  Other:




Please list your weekly training schedule.  Please include elite teaching hours and projected rehearsal coaching hours, and please include any classes or training you are doing outside of elite that is geared towards your artform(s).  (physical training, vocal or  acting training, etc.)

Please list your show performance availability for the 2018/2019 Season.

Mr. Mallard’s Magical Menagerie (September)

Beauty & the Beast  (December)

Peter Pan  (April)


Conditions for Membership

Please make sure that you have read all of the company membership information

 I have an elite on-line office account.

☐ I understand and agree to the elite Company Requirements and Standards.

☐ I commit to the weekly training schedule listed above and understand that I must notify the elite Director if my schedule changes.

☐ I understand that I am responsible for Company Expenses.

☐ I commit to the Shows that I have listed above and understand that I must notify the elite Director if my plans should change in a timely manner (before Show Audition Worksheets are posted).

☐ I understand the Show Participation Requirements for receiving unlimited classes or for the reduced rate for unlimited classes.

☐ I understand that if I leave or am removed from the company, participation may not be considered until next season.

☐ I understand that if I am not participating with the company, I will be paying full price for my dance classes.

SIGNATURE: _____________________________________  DATE:_____________