S19: GC-SWG: Lessons from other surveys

Chair / Contact

Luigi Guzzo (luigi.guzzo à brera.inaf.it), Will Percival (will.percival à uwaterloo.ca), Yun Wang (wang à ipac.caltech.edu)


It will focus on disseminating the lessons learned from other surveys, thus critical for the work carried out in the GC SWG

Room and Time

GS, Thursday, June 14, 15:45-17:15



Francisco Kitaura

Novel advances in mock production and Bao reconstruction I


Andrés Balaguera Antolinez

Novel advances in mock production and Bao reconstruction II


Ntelis Pierros

The homogeneity scale as measured by BOSS


Hugh Dickinson

Challenges of estimating galaxy properties using SPS fitting of slitless NIR spectra


Claudia Scarlata

Field to field variation of the number counts from WISP


Ginevra Favole

Galaxy halo occupation distribution from the WISP Halpha emitters

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