Resto Druid dps simulation guide.

PM Torty#7895 on Discord with questions or any improvements for the APL.

Download this addon to generate the profile of your character: 

Link to the Catweaving APL:

Raidbots simming:

  1. Go to
  2. Pick any one of the options (whichever you need).
  3. Paste your character generated profile into the field “B”.
  4. Open the “APL” line and paste the one linked above. Your window will look roughly like this

  1. Pick any of the other options you need and press the green button at the bottom to run the sim.

Simulationcraft simming:

  1. Download the latest version at
  2. Go to “Simulate” tab and paste your generated profile. Make sure you change the “role=heal” line to “role=attack”. Otherwise the sim won’t work.

  1. If you just want stat weights or to know your dps for single target, default settings can work just fine. Otherwise just tweak the settings as you desire.

  1. To enable stat weights, you have to go to Options -> Scaling and enable stats that you wish to get weights for.

  1. To compare different item sets from your bags, you will have to add “copies”. To make the sims faster, you might want to disable scaling for this particular reason. Keep in mind that copies will keep the item from a copy until you otherwise replace it. To be safe just put both trinkets or both rings whenever you do that. This sim will compare stat stick + glaives to stat stick + carafe: