Terms of Service is current as of 30th September 2018 for FeralPup Commissions.

Telegram Channel:
https://t.me/feralpupart                Telegram handle: @FeralPup

FurAffinity Gallery: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/feralpup/        Email: feralpup@hotmail.com

Please note if you send me an email. Make sure to include your name and what you’re contacting me for in the subject, as it might end up in scraps and unread!

Please read through them all.

These conditions are in place for anyone who is receiving a form of art, henceforth referred to as ‘work’,  from me.
In this document, the recipient, ‘
you’, understand, and agree to have read all of the terms listed here.
Also as a note, if I say that a commission will be cancelled, that will include refunding you.

If you do not agree to anything listed here, then you are not suitable to receive work from me, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

If at any time I feel that these terms have been breached I withhold the right to cancel the commission.

If at any time I feel that you are lying about anything you have agreed to, I withhold the right to put a withhold on any work until you provide enough evidence that you haven’t breached any terms listed.

I may also not take on work for you for whatever reason. I do not have to disclose this reason to you.

I may also change these terms at any point in time. If you are receiving work from me during the time I make these changes, they will not take place unless you commission me again.


If you are under the age of 18, I will NOT do any artwork commissions for you.
This is to protect myself, and you from any legal repercussions.

If you file a chargeback at any point during the commission process, you will be forever blacklisted and be posted
in a beware for the safety of others.

1. Contact

You will contact me through one of the pre-discussed methods that is comfortable through both parties, and avoid using it for general chit chat while a commission is being organised.

You will not send constant messages about your commission progress. Asking on occasion for WIPs or after a period longer than 2 days is fine. Not every day.

If you at any point send me messages that are berating, rude, or otherwise unsavoury, I withhold the right to cancel your commission, and place you on a blacklist, and possibly post a beware if the context of the messages are abhorrent in nature.

    2. Payment

        All payments will be made via PayPal.

No payments are to be sent for work unless it’s through an invoice I have provided, unless previously discussed.

Payments will be taken in AUD.

If the work is under $50AUD, I will require payment upfront before I start work on your commission.
If over $50, we can come to an arrangement on a payment plan for your piece.
If for whatever reason, you are unable to pay for the work, we can come to some arrangement so that both parties are satisfied.

I will send out an invoice to your nominated email address within 24 hours of accepting a commission.

Payments must be made within a week of receiving an invoice from me, and confirmation made that the commission will be taking place.
If no payment is made within that time frame, your slot will be forfeit to the next person.

I will 100% refund you if you cancel before any work is done.

If you cancel after work has taken place, you will receive a refund based on how much work has been completed to date.

I will not release the final piece until complete payment is made.

Finished commissions cannot be cancelled or refunded in full.

3. Working on your art piece

I withhold the right to refuse a commission and cancel it for whatever reason.

I am a slow artist.
I will do my best to produce art work in a timely manner, just be aware that I do have some restrictions, and my health can fluctuate.

I offer different time frames depending on what kind of work you want.
If for whatever reason there’s going to be a change to that time frame, I will contact you directly and inform you of it.

Deadlines I can accept, as long as there’s no one else ahead of you in the art que, or anyone else with sooner deadlines.

Emergencies do happen, and there’s a very
small chance I might not be online for a day or two.
Please do not be concerned, as I will make contact the second I am able to get back online to inform you of what’s going on with your work.

I work on a first come, first served basis. I will keep a public copy of the que available so you can see your place, and when I am working on it.

I also might work on more than one piece at a time to keep my mind from wandering. Please don’t take it personally, as I do work better if I can switch between multiple pieces.

I will make sure that if you’re higher in the que, your art will be done before anyone lower.

        You MUST be the owner of the character I do the work for, or have permission.
The only exception is if it is your partner, or gift art (which must not be NSFW)

I will happily post WIPs (as long as requests are within the contact terms) to you for whatever piece I do.

I can make as many small changes to your work as required, up to the finished piece.

Any major changes, anything that requires a major redraw, major reclours, etc.  will incur a small fee.

Please make sure any WIPs I share are correct, and there are no issues.

If you wish to receive WIPs, I advise to contact me through Telegram, as it would be the fastest method of communication.
Though I am open to emails or FA notes also.

If I work on a Telegram Sticker Pack for you, I can arrange to make the pack for you, or can send the files for you to create your own.

If you do make your own Sticker Pack, you must include the signature sticker at the end of the pack.

If you cancel your work before it is complete, I may use the sketch to turn it into a YCH.

References must be permitted to be used / modified by you, and be clear and show any and all markings that are to be in my work.

If a marking is not shown on the references supplied, you must inform me and provide another reference, being written or even a sketch by you, else it won’t be included in the piece.

I can work off written references as long as they are descriptive enough to include all parts of your character, and colours that are on them.

Bonus points if you can supply colour swatches for your character from the internet to go with a written reference, as it will help speed along your commission, and help me out considerably.

4. Using my work

You must not remove, alter, or in anyway change artwork I have provided for you.
The only exception is small cropping to turn into an avatar, in which you must make sure my artist signature is still visible, and the
right credit is given.

If you share my artwork to any other website, or upload it to your gallery, you must include a link back to my profile, or my channel.

Do not use any artwork I have made for you in commercial ways.
I.e Selling stickers, Selling Tshirts, etc.

If you wish to use my artwork on one for personal reasons, please inform me.
Do not sell, or otherwise make any money off my work I have done for you.

I will post my artwork to my own personal channel, and gallery. If you do not wish for me to post the work I do for you, please let me know beforehand.

I will not print out and ship copies of any artwork I create.
If you wish to turn it into a badge or print it, you are free to do so.

5. Customer Satisfaction

I will do whatever I can, within my means, to make sure you are satisfied with your artwork.
If there are any issues at all during the process of the commission, please let me know.
I am open to talk about it and do my best to be received in a welcoming manner, and will not make you uncomfortable.

I also have customer surveys that can be linked upon work completion so I can see how I did working for you, and if there’s any way I can improve.
These are not mandatory, but are appreciated!

6. What I will / Will not draw.

        The following tables will show what I will work on / what I will not.
        Please respect these wishes and not ask me for something I am not comfortable with.







Cubs (SFW only)


Fat/Obese (Not messy)

Soiled Clothing / Diapers



Pool Toys

Humans (Cannot draw them)

Macro / Micro

Fan art characters

If what you want is not listed above, please ask.
I am flexible, but there are some things that I don’t have much experience drawing, but would be willing to give it a shot if you think you’d enjoy it in my style.

I only draw in a toony style. Please do not expect any realistic style from me.

I do my best to keep things proportionate and looking correct.

Backgrounds I am willing to do, but any major backgrounds might incur an extra cost depending on level of difficulty.

If no background is required, I can leave it blank / white, except with telegram stickers, where they will be outlined and have a transparent background for turning into stickers.

Thank you for reading through my terms of service!
I hope that the length of it hasn’t put you off, as I want to make sure we are both protected and satisfied during this transaction.
If you have any questions at all, don’t be afraid to contact me through Telegram or FurAffinity, though I won’t take on any commissions unless I have advertised and have the form open.