Children’s Kiva Montessori School

Elementary/Middle School - Board of Directors Meeting

05.21.18 at 5:30 pm – 18 N Beech Street

BOD Approved on 06.25.18

  1. Work Session - 5:30 pm
  1. Review results of BOD 360 review
  2. Continue work on Strategic Plan

  1. Call to Order
  1. Nate called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Roll Call: Nate Seeley, President; Kelli Jackson, Vice President; Tamia Hurst, Secretary; Chad Fish, Treasurer; Kathy Clark, Member; Stacey Weyand, Member

Absent from BOD: None

Staff: Susan Likes, HOS

Community Members: Andrew Campo, CH BOD member

  1. Vision – Children’s Kiva Montessori School will provide a vibrant and engaging learning environment based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori that supports all students’ academic excellence and ability to become empowered, creative, lifelong learners responsible for themselves, their community, and their environment.

Mission - Children’s Kiva Montessori School uses authentic Montessori Methods, Community-Based educational approaches, and integrated academics (STEAM) to support student academic success, responsibility, and independence.

Montessori Moment – Chad

Volunteer for next Montessori Moment (TBD at meeting) – Kathy

  1. Approval of the Previous Minutes
  1. 04.23.18 Regular Meeting
  2. 05.07.18 Special Meeting

Kathy moved to approve the minutes as written, seconded, no discussion.  Motion approved unanimously.  Motion carried.


  1. Approval of Agenda: Item X.a under the Consent Agenda was revised.  Stacey moved to approve the agenda as revised.  Motion seconded.  No discussion.  All in favor of the motion.  Motion carried.

  1. Community Member Forum
  1. No comments

  1. Staff Comments
  1. No comments

  1. Consent Agenda
  1. Approval of revised Recruitment, Retention and Enrollment Policy
  2. Approval of Charter Contract with RE-1 school district
  3. Approval of corrected 2018-19 Draft Budget

        Kelli moved to approve the Consent Agenda.  Motion seconded.  No discussion.  All in favor.

Motion carried.

  1. Reports:

  1. BOD President -  Nate
  1. Notification of Intent to our current landlords
  1. Nate: notify current landlords of decision to be out by June 30th.
  1. Approve stipend for Susan for work on Finance Department
  1. Susan does not recommend having an audit done, as she is having to go back and redo the books.
  2. Tabled until the next meeting - Future Agenda Item

  1. Budget & Financial Oversight Committee - Chad
  1. Report
  2. Action Items - none

  1. Head of School - Susan
  1. Report
  2. Action Items - none

  1. Finance Director - Susan
  1. Report
  2. Action Items - none

  1. Fundraising Committee
  1. Report
  2. Action Items - none

  1. Building & Location Committee
  1. Report
  1. Update and discussion.
  1. Action Items
  1. Stacey and Chad: send Kelli the square footage of the proposed playground and fencing needs.

  1. Nominations Committee
  1. Report
  2. Action Items

  1. Master Calendar
  1. May
  1. End of Year Reviews with HOS and FD - Needs to be corrected on the Master Calendar
  2. Develop Professional Goals with HOS and FD - Postponed
  3. Received feedback from HOS and FD on review process - Postponed
  4. Lease agreements 18 & 25 Beech - action item for Nate
  5. Review Liability Insurance - In progress
  6. Approve Finalized Calendar - Complete
  7. Graduation Ceremony - May 30th at 12:45 pm
  1. June
  1. Approve Final Budget - HOS (filling in for FD)
  2. Strategic Plan - will be ready for approval in June
  3. Board Self-evaluation - Needs to be reviewed and potentially corrected on the Master Calendar

  1. External Networking Report(s)

  1. New Business
  1. None.

  1. BOD Report to Kiva Kids Newsletter
  1. Completed together via Google Drive.  Susan will include it in the next Kiva Kids Newsletter.

  1. Shared Board Information
  1. CH to E/M S:
  1. Professional development accomplishments / opportunities for the staff.
  1. Attendance of AMS
  2. Kayla - recent accomplishment with MECR.
  3. Elicia - accepted to Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT for their Primary Credential Program.
  4. Alyce - will attend MECR
  5. Lexi - will be attending her last extended cohort at HMC for her Admin Credential in July.  The “graduation” is in November following a three-day seminar.
  1. Children’s House 30th anniversary celebration open house, Thursday, May 31st from 4 - 7pm.
  1. E/M S to CH: Building and Location update, volunteer opportunities, hiring status

  1. Community Member Forum
  1. No comments

  1. Items for Future Agenda(s) – BOD President
  1. Next work session
  1. BOD Master Calendar
  1. Master Calendar
  1. June
  2. July
  1. Approve stipend for Susan for work on Finance Department (June)
  2. Approve final budget (June)
  3. Approve / adopt strategic plan (June)

  1. Calendaring – BOD President
  1. Upcoming events
  1. Graduation - Wednesday, May 30 at 12:45 pm
  2. Last Day of School - June 1

  1. Next BOD meeting
  1. June 25, 2018
  1. Work Session, 5:30 to 7:00 pm
  2. Regular Meeting, 7:00 pm
  1. Children’s House BOD Meeting (Chad to Attend)
  1. June 18, 2018 @ 5:00 pm (Work Session), 5:30 (Meeting)

  1. Status of previous meeting’s action items – Tamia
  1. Chad: review master calendar for BOD. (February 2018)
  2. Hiring and Evaluation Committee: add Executive Session: Personnel to each evaluation sheet. (February 2018)
  3. Hiring and Evaluation Committee: End of Year Reviews with HOS and FD (May Master Calendar)
  4. HOS: Develop Professional Goals (May Master Calendar)
  5. FD (HOS): Review Liability Insurance (May Master Calendar)

  1. Review all Action Items – Tamia
  1. Next Montessori Moment: Kathy
  2. Nate: notify current landlords of decision to be out by June 30th.
  3. Stacey and Chad: send Kelli the square footage of the proposed playground and fencing needs.
  4. HOS (filling in for FD): prepare final budget for 2018-2019.
  5. Chad: attend Children’s House BOD meeting on June 18, 2018 at 5:30 pm.

  1. Adjournment: Kelli moved to adjourn the meeting, unanimously approved.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:36 pm.

Prepared by Tamia Hurst, BOD Secretary

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