An Archipelago in a Landlocked Country

300 and 25

Collected Voices in the Expanded Field

“Dear Editor: Interview with Francesco Pacifico”

“Hybrid Languages, Dust, and the Invention of Paraguay: Interview with Damián Cabrera”

“Lies Melt Like Ice in the Sun”

Ñe’ ẽ: An Introduction to Contemporary Guaraní Poetry

Instructions for Becoming a Writer-turned-Translator-turned-Ethnographer

Women in Amerindian Literature

Al Ras

Grazing Earth

The Weight of a Body in a Photograph

The Face of a Dove

A Bracelet

Sombra Is a Horse

Tiny Tombstones

Mark Making

Mistaking the Parts for the Whole

Point of View

Every Thing Belongs to Someone

She Was Never Here

Imaginary Lives

Tethered to the Future

The Fall of Language in the Age of English