Voyager Academy Parent and Family Engagement Policy

The educational philosophy of Voyager Academy is based on the understanding that an academic education is only one component of a student’s overall developmental needs, and that families must be active partners in students’ education and development.

At Voyager families and school staff will commit to be mutually supportive, working together to enhance each student’s development and to ensure the success of Voyager Academy.

This partnership is implemented by a formal agreement made by parents, students, and the school. Commitment to this agreement is a requirement of initial and continued enrollment. The Partnership Agreement includes two general areas of participation: a requirement to be involved in the development of one’s own children; and a requirement that families support the overall operation of the school.

The Board of Directors will make every effort to work with families and students to help all parties fulfill this agreement. A variety of opportunities for family and student involvement are available to accommodate family situations. The Principal will help families find a place to participate.

Participation Guidelines

We encourage parents/guardians to attend all parent-teacher and/or parent counselor meetings. We offer numerous options for parents to participate in school-centered activities, including clerical support, tutoring individual students, serving as a chaperone for class field trips, helping teachers on workdays, and assisting in hospitality opportunities through our P.T.A. Parent Volunteer Coordinator.

Standards and Expectations for Families

  1. To communicate honestly and respectfully with the staff of Voyager Academy.
  2. To enhance learning by reading and discussing evaluations with your student and attending parent-teacher and parent-counselor conferences. To assist with remedial needs.
  3. To follow through with interventions.
  4. To provide positive reinforcement for appropriate behaviors.

Standards and Expectations for Students

  1. To complete and turn in quality work in a timely fashion.
  2. To maximize learning and respect others by using time wisely.
  3. To arrive to school and classes on time.
  4. To utilize the full class time.
  5. To role model behaviors and attitudes that enhance learning for others.
  6. To participate fully in the academic process, coming to school prepared to learn with proper materials and completed assignments.

School Safety

All visitors to Voyager Academy must report to the office, state a purpose for entering the building and wear a visitor’s badge while they are on campus. Volunteers working one-on-one with students or driving students to school events are required to complete the form (available on under “Support Voyager”) and return this form to the appropriate building administrative staff member.

EVERY STUDENT SUCCEEDS ACT Assessments under Title I, Part A & Title I, Part B: Summary of Final Regulations