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Syllabus Template

The purpose of the syllabus template is to make the document readable to all students and to comply with section 508 laws Formats used in this document allow visually-impaired students to scan and read the document with a screen reader.

Using the Syllabus Template

  1. Leave the syllabus headings as-is.
  2. Delete the text between these symbols <>, and delete the <> symbols, too.
  3. Replace the text you just deleted with your class information by pasting or typing text into the syllabus.

Pasting Text into the Syllabus

To paste text into the syllabus template:

  1. Click the dropdown arrow under Paste.
  2. Select the Keep Text Only icon. Do not simply click the Paste button.


Formatting Problems

If you experience formatting problems when typing or pasting your information into the syllabus template, do the following:

  1. Highlight the problem text.
  2. Click one of the preformatted styles at the top of the document. This will re-apply the correct formatting to the text.  

The following illustrates where the preformatted styles are applied to the syllabus template.