Welcome, this tutorial is creating OWL Assignments

So you have used the OWL Test Builder to build an online activity -- say a tutorial, a quiz, a simulated interview. In OWL we call these things tests. Now you need to tell the Test Management System what to do with it. We do this by creating an assignment. It’s a set of instructions that you give to the test management system for delivering your online activity. Which users to deliver it to...When they can access it...And some other key information like, how it will be scored, or who can rate it. Even though there are a lot of options, it is actually quite simple so let’s get started.

Select “Manage Assignments” from the “Testing” Menu. This will launch the assignment list page.Let’s make a new assignment by clicking “Create” button


This is the create assignment page.

Always Save your work.


Now your assignment appears in the Assignment List Page. These are the assignment rosters. On the left is the assignment’s roster. On the right are all the students in your classes.

Click Close when you are through.

Thank you for your time.