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Salesian High School Health & Safety Plan (2021/2022)
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Salesian High School Health & Safety Plan (2021/2022)

Mission: To establish a Salesian HS reopening plan for sustained “100% in-person” instruction throughout the 2021/2022 school year in a safe and healthy environment. Please note that this is a living document.  It is subject to change as situations change or further guidelines for school are mandated.

Sources: The policies and procedures indicated below are based on recommendations and guidelines provided by:

Overview: Presented below are the policies, procedures and expectations for the 2021/2022 school year, so as to create a safe and healthy environment for the return to 100% “in-person” instruction, keeping all community members in mind: students/parents, faculty, staff and administration.  

Success will require the commitment and adherence to the following policies by all, so it is important that the following information is carefully reviewed and understood. The plan addresses the following areas:

  1. Preventive Measures for Health and Care for Others
  2. Symptoms and Positive COVID-19 Test Results
  3. School and Personal Sanitizing Measures
  4. Arrival and Departure
  5. Hallways, Lockers and Water Dispensers
  6. Classroom Instruction
  7. Athletics

  1. Preventive Measures for Personal Health and Care for Others

Social Distancing: As per CDC recommendation, all students and staff must practice social distancing: three (3) feet between students, six (6) feet between teachers and students.  Some adjustments to this policy may be made based on the locale (i.e. cafeteria) or as additional guidelines are provided.  

All persons who visit campus are also responsible for adhering to school policy regarding social distancing.      

Face Masks (Updated 3/2/2022): As per the NYS update, the wearing of a face mask is no longer required while indoors or outdoors on Salesian’s campus.

Transportation: On all yellow school buses, students are required to wear a face mask.  However, students are no longer required to physically distance themselves.

Campus Signage: All persons present on the SHS campus are expected to adhere to posted signage, whether directing movements through the building (e.g. “Stay to the right when walking through hallways”) or indicating health precautions (e.g. “Cover your mouth when coughing/sneezing”).

Screening: Students must check for symptoms of COVID-19 each morning before coming to school and stay home if sick or exhibiting symptoms without other obvious explanations. Parents/Guardians must complete the SHS COVID-19 pre-screening survey daily in order for the student to be admitted to school.  The survey is accessible on the front page of the SHS website and the school calendar.

Parents must complete the “September 2021 Daily Health Self-Screening Acknowledgement and Agreement” and must have the completed form on file before their son may start classes.

Guests must also complete the SHS COVID-19 pre-screening survey at the reception area of the main building before they will gain entrance.

Vaccination: As per the NYS COVID-19 school policy update issued on 8/24/2021, a COVID-19 vaccination is a requirement of all Salesian High School staff.  In the event an individual is not vaccinated, they will be required to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing.  

Students who are eligible are encouraged to get vaccinated, to protect their own health and the health of others.  Families are asked to provide vaccination status to the school nurse for the purposes of expediting a contact tracing process should it become necessary.

  1. Symptoms and Positive COVID-19 Test Results

Symptoms:  Any individual (vaccinated or unvaccinated) exhibiting signs of fever, cough, headache,  stomach ache, sore throat or congestion should not ignore them.  If they are home, they should not report to campus but be evaluated by a health care provider.  School absence due to symptoms should be communicated to the school nurse, Attendance Officer and Dean of Students.

In the event of a student taking ill while at school with symptoms that indicate a possible COVID-19 infection, the student will be placed in an “isolation room” (Room 201) until their parent/guardian is able to pick them up from school.  

Vaccinated individuals exhibiting possible COVID-19 symptoms are required to quarantine until they receive the results of a PCR COVID-19 test.  A rapid test for symptomatic individuals is accepted if the test is a PCR or NAAT.  A negative test will permit the student to immediately return to school.

Unvaccinated individuals exhibiting possible COVID-19 symptoms are required to quarantine ten (10) days and receive a PCR COVID-19 test.  Should the person’s COVID-19 test result be negative, the individual must then finish the quarantine duration or present a doctor’s note clearing them of COVID-19 and attributing the symptoms to an alternate diagnosis.

Positive Case Protocol: All positive cases of COVID-19 must be reported to Salesian High School as soon as the test results are received.  Regardless of vaccination status, any individual testing positive for COVID-19 will quarantine for a period of ten (10) days.    

Contact tracing will begin immediately to identify persons deemed a “close contact,” which, according to the NYSDOH, is defined as “being within 6 feet of an individual for a cumulative of 15 minutes or more across a 24 hour period.”  

Individuals deemed a “close contact” who are fully vaccinated and wore masks properly will not be required to quarantine, as per CDC guidance, unless they become symptomatic.   They are advised to get tested 3 - 5 days after their close contact exposure.    

Individuals deemed a “close contact” who are unvaccinated will be required to quarantine for a period of ten (10) days.      

Communication of a Positive Case: The Principal is responsible for notifying the Archdiocese of NY, the New Rochelle School District (NRSD) and the Westchester Department of Health (WCDOH) of any positive case.  

The Principal will also inform  the school community of a positive case via email and text alert, without disclosing the person’s identity.  Likewise the identities of any individuals involved in contact tracing will not be released to the school community, but only provided to the WCDOH.  

  1. School and Personal Sanitizing Measures

School Cleaning:  There will be an established cleaning routine of the school building(s), with deeper cleaning of the main school building occurring at the close of each school day and over the weekend.  

High contact surfaces (i.e. doorknobs, countertops) will be periodically sanitized over the course of the school day, but these measures should not substitute for the practice of personal care.  Each person should help protect themselves and those around them against possible illness.    

Handwashing: To prevent the spread of germs, all persons should wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before and after eating; touching one’s eyes, nose or mouth; or touching any item or surface frequently touched by others.  

Hand Sanitizer: All are encouraged to regularly make use of the hand sanitizing stations located at all entrances of SHS facilities. Parents are also encouraged to provide personal supplies of sanitizing materials (i.e. hand sanitizer, hand wipes) for their sons’ use.

  1. Daily Arrival, Departure and Lunch

Morning Arrival: All school buildings are closed to students until 7 AM. Salesian High School begins its school day with the 7:45 AM early bell, at which time students are permitted to go to their school lockers.  Thus, students who arrive before 7:45 AM should wait in either the student lobby, the cafeteria or the lower parking lot.

Screening: As stated earlier, the SHS COVID-19 pre-screening survey must be completed by parents every morning BEFORE their son’s arrival on campus.  The survey is accessible on the front page of the SHS website and the school calendar.

Departure: Following afternoon prayer and announcements, dismissal for the school day will occur by 2:45 PM in a staggered manner.  The 9th and 10th grade will be dismissed together, while the 11th and 12th grade will be dismissed together.  

Lunch: We will return to the normal routine for lunch.  Students, however, will spread out in the cafeteria, keeping an empty seat between them and the next student.

Lunch is available for purchase in the cafeteria, or students may bring their own lunch, to be kept in their locker during the day.  Students will keep their masks on when entering or leaving the cafeteria and when purchasing food, only removing them when they are seated.  Students will sanitize the table at which they ate before leaving the cafeteria.

To minimize congestion in the cafeteria, students are permitted to eat outdoors in the picnic area next to the pool. Flaherty Hall may on occasion be made available as needed.

  1. Hallways, Lockers and Water Dispensers

Hallways and Staircases: Congestion in the hallways and staircases must be avoided. While traveling through the hallways and on staircases, all persons should stay to their right. Movement should be fluid and gatherings should be avoided.  Students are advised to use the nearest staircase to travel between floors.  Educators will be present to help ensure the flow of traffic and the wearing of face masks.  

Lockers: Students have lockers assigned for their use for the 2021/2022 school year.  To minimize time at lockers, students are advised to observe their daily class schedule, and gather all needed materials for their morning courses upon arrival at school, and for their afternoon classes before leaving for lunch.  

Water Dispensers:  Salesian HS has replaced all water fountains with new water bottle refilling stations, located on the 1st, 3rd and 4th floors.  Students may bring their own water bottles for use over the course of the day, though they are advised to pace their water drinking to minimize frequent trips to the  restroom.

Though students are highly encouraged to take advantage of these refilling stations to maintain hydration, refilling bottles during periods of high traffic in the hallways should be avoided.     

  1. Classroom Instruction

Classes: All classes are to be held 100% “in person” at SHS.  Classes will meet daily for a 45 minute period (some classes may vary in meeting frequency), with three (3) minutes in between the periods.

Salesian High School has installed new room air purifiers in each classroom as an added measure to sanitize classroom air.  Open windows will also be used to help circulate air in the classrooms.  

Mobile Devices: For many classes, instructional materials will include digital textbooks and/or other online materials. Students are permitted to utilize their laptop/tablet in class and are responsible for its proper and appropriate usage.  They are not to be shared.

Due to limited charging availability at school, students have the responsibility to make sure their device is charged upon arrival at school.

Sanitizing:  In every classroom, materials will be available for students to wipe down their desktop surfaces before leaving for their next class.    

Regents: Contingent on NYS policies, SHS will also resume its administration of the Regents examinations.  

Exceptional Remote Instruction: There may be a limited remote option, temporary in nature, for a student who is required to quarantine or is "immunocompromised" due to a medical condition/treatment, and therefore, is unable to physically attend classes "in person."  Proof of need on a medical basis (i.e. doctor’s note) must be provided, and updated as required, to support the student’s absence from the classroom.  Reasonable expectations for the student’s return to “in-person” instruction are advised.

Mandatory Remote Instruction: In the event of a mandated state or county closure, Salesian High School will revert to its full remote option including:

As restrictions begin to loosen, the return to the school building will occur in phases:

All planning will be contingent on WCDOH and NYSDOH policies and regulations.

  1. Athletics (Guidelines Are Subject To Change)

General COVID-19 Regulations and Guidelines: During this time of COVID-19, Salesian High School’s participation in athletics is subject to COVID-19 guidance and regulations provided by the Catholic High School Athletic Association (CHSAA), in conjunction with guidance from the New York State Department of Health (DOH) and Westchester County Department of Health (WCDOH).  

In the interests of student welfare and safety, decisions regarding the school’s participation in seasonal sports will be based on the current guidance information available and the current state of affairs regarding COVID-19 and league policies governing the return to play for the sport in question.    

Spectators: Currently, CHSAA guidance recommends only essential personnel should be permitted at the practice/competition site as authorized.  These are defined as:

The admittance of person’s outside of those deemed essential will be determined based on the current climate regarding COVID-19 transmission and infection rates, as well as updated guidance provided.

Documentation: In addition to their standard health physical form and interval form, students must also have a “COVID-19 Conduct Acknowledgement & Agreement” form on file regarding awareness of parental and student expectations regarding COVID-19 and participation in sports.

Any student who experienced a positive case of COVID-19 within 4 weeks prior to participation in sports must complete the “COVID-19 Clearance” form before they will be allowed to participate in any team activities.