2020 Midwest Handmade MN Maker’s Fair Application

May 2nd- 3rd 2020

River’s Edge Convention Center St. Cloud MN

10 4th Ave S, St Cloud MN 56301

Friday Eve Load in (times TBD)

Saturday Set up 7am-10am Sell 10am-4pm

Sunday Restock 9-10am Sell 10am-4pm Take Down 4pm-7pm


Business Name__________________________________  

I sell__________________________________

Owner Name____________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________



Will you be hauling a trailer?                                           How Long is your Load in and Set up?

Social Media/website:

If you sell online would you like a free feature on our FB page?

Booth Size (circle one) 8x10 $135 or   10x10 $160          or         10x20 $300

I need Electric (1 plug) Add $70. Yes/No

Placement Requests:

Vendor Referral:

Participating Maker with the most referrals of other vendors who participate will receive $25 cash.

How did you hear about this event?


By filling out and submitting this Application I agree to:

Follow all River’s Edge Convention Center Rules and Regulations as set forth in their handbook: http://stcloudriversedgeconventioncenter.com/136/Rules-Regulations-Handbook and will be held responsible for any damages I create.

-All Vendors must set up own booth.

-Self-promoting this show in the best interest for everyone. It takes a village. However, we will be heavily advertising as well via print, radio, social media, etc

-I have enclosed a ST-19 MN Sales Tax form.

-I agree that I will not take down my booth before the end of the show, or I will not be allowed back for subsequent shows.

-I’m aware that Midwest Handmade may use a gift certificate as a promotion to entice shoppers to share the event- and if the certificate is used in my shop, Midwest Handmade will pay me the certificate dollar amount in cash as soon as possible after I receive it that day. It is only to be used at the show. (please flag a MH staff member)

-You will be held fully responsible for any damage to the expo center or other vendors that you cause.

-This event is handmade only- if you are found to be selling items that are not handmade by you or repurposed in some way your booth will be immediately removed. You will not be refunded.

-No E-cigs or tobacco products. No hanging or taping anything from walls. NO duct tape or packaging tape can be adhered to any place.

-You must bring your own tables, chairs, table covers are a must, methods for taking payment, small bills and change, etc.

-Food vendors can provide a bite size or 1 oz sample, but foods must be packaged for later consumption. There is an additional $50 fee for you to provide food/drink samples.

-Spaces are non-refundable-

-We will have staff throughout the event that can watch your booth while you go to the bathroom, take a quick break, etc.

-I know that if one of my product lines is already full for this event, I may not sell or showcase it during the event.  (Meaning you sign up as rustic crafts, and soap is already full when you apply, you will not also be able to sell soap)

Signature and Date:


Payment and applications can be mailed to:

Christy Arneson

545 Highland St W        Annandale, MN 55302

(Checks can be made out to Christy Arneson)

Applications can also be sent via email. 

If you want to pay by credit card please do not send a check- we will send you a Square invoice to your provided email upon approval, you can then pay online with a credit or debit card.

Please let us know if you need to make monthly payments.

I have included my: Application___ Payment____ ST-19____Hold Harmless Agreement____

Please email a picture that best shows your work, and a photo of your booth for advertising/jury purposes to:


Our Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/806355183033166

Please join our merchant group on Facebook:


This group would be a good resource for any vendors who want to split the cost of a hotel room with another vendor along with answering questions and getting to provide input on what you like in a good show. 


All vendors are required to sign and return this Hold Harmless Agreement with their Vendor Application.

By acceptance of this agreement, the exhibitor waives all claims against the River’s Edge Convention Center and Midwest Handmade for any and all liability for any damage, injury, theft, or loss incurred before, during, or as a result of the Midwest Handmade Artisan Fair. The exhibitor will indemnify and hold harmless River’s Edge Convention Center and Midwest Handmade from any and all claims, actions, or judgments arising from and related to the exhibitor’s participation in the Midwest Handmade Artisan Fair, including the acts of the exhibitor’s employees and helpers.


Print Name_____________________________________________