Left at the red-brick church on Seaside (A259)

Straight over the first roundabout, following the A259

Straight over the second roundabout, following the A259

After ASDA’s car wash cross the road and get on the cycle track that follows the A259

Straight on into Pevensey Bay until you get to traffic lights

Straight on along the Coast Road – almost all the traffic will go left or right but not straight on

Follow the road/track and cross the railway at Norman’s Bay railway station

After which turn right on to Sluice Lane, a quiet road, twisty road.

(Ride single file, with enough of a gap so that a large van could slip in between you.)

Follow Sluice Lane and Herbrand Walk until you reach Cooden

Turn right towards the sea and pass the Cooden Beach Hotel

Pass the hotel on your right and follow the road round sharply left and go straight on until you get to Richmond Road

Go down that road to the sea and follow the shared pedestrian and cycle path to the De La Warr Pavilion, a world famous building

The path continues all the way to Hastings, although the surface varies quite a lot