S07: Archive Status

Chair / Contact

B. Altieri (bruno.altieri at sciops.esa.int), R. Williams (O.R.Williams at astro.rug.nl)


The meeting will report on the activities of the Euclid Archive User Group and progress on the Euclid Archive development. Particular attention will be given to demonstrations of the user interfaces

Room and Time

PS1, two splinters of 1.5 hour each.

Presentations posted on :



The status of the Euclid Archive System (EAS) will be presented, both for the DPS (Data Processing System) in the first splinter and the SAS (Science Analysis System) in the second splinter.

First EAS Splinter : EAS-DPS and EAS-DSS

Agenda :

1. Euclid Archive System components and architecture

2. EAS-DPS and EAS-DSS in data processing

3. User stories, use cases, their status and influence on EAS functionality

4. EAS environments and current content

5. EAS-DPS processing services and how user can benefit from them

6. EAS-DPS user services - review of functionality and short how-to

6.1 Dbview

6.2 Metadata explorer

6.3 EAS-DPS Calibration service

6.4 EAS-DPS Quality service

6. EAS-DSS and how user can access it

7. Jupyter notebook with EAS-DPS

Second EAS Splinter : SAS

The new functionalities of SAS v0.7 issued in June as future development plans will be presented as well as the roadmap for v0.8 (December 2018)

(draft) Agenda :

  1. Status of SAS development
  2. Demo of SAS v0.7
  3. Discussion on future development and functionalities.

Note: the content of this document is publicly viewable on the meeting website. Please contact the splinter chair about any privacy-related questions. To share internal information, chairs might want to link to redmine pages.