Westwood Community High School

Annual Plan 2017-2018

School Council Mission:        The Westwood Community High School Council will work as collaborative partners in school based decision making to enhance the quality and success of our children’s education.

School Council Vision:        The Westwood Community High School Council will work with the administration and staff to create a safe, supportive environment, which challenges students to be confident and successful intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Outcome One:  Alberta’s Students are Successful


School Council will investigate ways to assist staff in supporting ELL students

School Council will investigate the purchase of supplemental resource materials for the library.

School Council will continue to inform parents of the programs and supports for students at WW.

School Council will assist in a smooth transition from a 10-12 to 7-12 student body.


Outcome Two:  The achievement gap between FNMI students and all other students is eliminated


School Council will investigate ways to reach out to FNMI parents

School Council will begin each meeting by acknowledging Treaty Lands

Outcome Three:  Alberta’s education system is inclusive


School Council will continue to have open discussions about supporting the school’s safe and caring environment.

Outcome Four:  Alberta has excellent teachers, schools, & school authority leaders


Parent Association will assist by providing staff with “extras” from gaming funds

Outcome Five:  The education system is well governed and managed.


Admin, staff, and school council will work collaboratively to enhance home-school communication

School Council will encourage the use of the school website

School Council will ensure meaningful discussion items are on the agenda, including “Hot Topics”

School Council will ensure that efforts are made to have a wide spectrum of representation present at meetings (English, French Immersion, PEAK, Arts, Athletics, FNMI).