Approved 2/26/05

  1. Authority.  The following policies, procedures and rules are adopted pursuant to Article IV and Article X of the Waccamaw Sailing Club, Inc (WSC or Club) Bylaws.
  1. Policies, procedures and rules may be adopted by the Board and shall be provided to all the active membership and posted on the Club’s bulletin board.
  2. Policies, procedures and rules are subject to annual review, may be modified whenever needed, will consider the desires of the membership and shall direct the efficient and orderly function and use of the Club’s operations maintenance and preservation.
  3. Suggestions and comments are invited.  To ensure that concerns are considered efficiently, expeditiously and in their entirety, members are encouraged to submit suggestions and comments in writing.
  1. Members and Guests.  The right to full use of Club facilities is accorded to dues paying active members only and their guests.  Guests are bona fide invitees of an active member.  (Members are expected to be present with their guests.)
  2. Conduct.  Waccamaw Sailing Club, Inc. intends to provide for wholesome family activities.  All members and their guests shall conduct themselves in an upstanding manner.  The Board has the authority to pursue and act upon any pattern on improper behavior as determined by the Board.  Actions shall be appropriate to the offenses and may include expulsion from the Club.
  3. Safety.  It is the responsibility of every member, for themselves, their guests, invitees and crews, to act with concern for the safety and welfare of all, both on water and on land and to obey all posted signs.
  4. Use of Facility.   Waccamaw Sailing Club, Inc. grounds and improvements are established for the exclusive use, convenience and pleasure of members.  Members are expected to: help keep areas of high use (kitchen, showers, and decks) clean and orderly, respect the Club’s property and the property of other members and foster the cooperative use of these shared facilities.
  1. Tent, RV or trailer camping shall be limited.
  2. Vehicle, boat and trailer parking shall be restricted.
  3. Diving off of or horseplay around the pier or boats is strictly prohibited.
  4. No on is permitted on the roofs of the buildings.
  5. No pets will be allowed on the lakefront property.
  6. The use of the race committee barge and equipment is restricted.
  7. Children under the age of 16 are not to use the stove/grill except under the direct supervision of their parents.
  8. Children under the age of 12 are not to be left unattended.
  9. Club members may bring up to 10 guests at one time so long as it does not interfere with other members’ use of the Club.  Board approval will be required for hosted events of 11 or more guests. (See Hosted Events.)
  1. Hosted Events.  The Commodore (or designee) may approve the use of facilities for hosted events of more than 10 guests.  Requests inconsistent with the requirements outlined on the WSC HOSTED EVENT APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT may be deferred to the Board for consideration.
  2. Boat and/or Trailers and Moorings.  The identity of all boats and/or trailers and moorings placed by a member on Club property shall be provided to the Yeoman.  Proper maintenance, appearance, safety and mobility shall be required for each.
  1. Boat and/or Trailer Parking.  Members may apply to keep their boats and/or trailers on Club Property according to the terms of the WSC BOAT AND/OR TRAILER PARKING APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT.  All trailers are to be maintained so that they may be moved.
  2. Moorings.  Members may apply to keep their boat on an assigned mooring according to the current terms of the WSC MOORING POLICY and after completing the WSC MOORING APPLICATION AND AGREEMENT FORM.  The trailer of any boat assigned to a mooring is to be stored on the back lot.  All trailers are to be maintained so that they may be moved.
  3. Storms.  Each member parking, mooring or storing boats of any kind on Club property are required to provide storm protection measures whenever needed to prevent damage to boats, trailers and other property.  All remedies for property so damaged shall be the sole liability of the owner of the responsible boat, trailer or other property.
  4. Abandoned boats and/or Trailers.  Effort will be made to contact the owner of non-member abandoned boats and/or trailers.  If the property is not moved within 60 days of notification attempt, the boat and/or trailer may be advertised and sold with the proceeds retained by the Club.
  1. Non-member Stockholder Privileges.  Stockholders who are not currently active members may visit as a guest of the Club and use the facility on one occasion per year.
  2. Dues and Assessments.
  1. Annual Dues.  Annual dues must be paid in full by April 1.
  2. Late Payment Fees – Annual Dues and Special Assessments.  Penalties for the late payment of annual dues and special assessments will accrue at the rate of $10 per month from the end of the time designated for payment
  3. Reinstatement of Stockholders.  Reinstatement of stockholders to active membership may be granted upon payment of a $100 reinstatement fee plus current dues and current assessments.
  4. New Member Dues.  Dues for new members shall be collected at the full rate if membership is accepted prior to September 1, at one-half of the full rate if membership is accepted between September 1 and prior to November 1 and may be applied towards the following year’s dues if membership is accepted after October 1.
  1. Sailing Activities.  The Board will approve and post the Club sailing activity schedule.
  1. Races will be conducted in accordance with the current rules of US Sailing except as modified by sailing instructions or class rules.
  2. Members are encouraged to maintain membership in US Sailing to obtain rules, procedures and other sailing information.
  1.  Liability Waiver.  

Participation in any Club activity on land or on water is a voluntary act by any member and no action of law, etc shall be brought against the Club, its Officers or Board of Directors as a result of loss or injury of any kind.

Waccamaw Sailing Club, Inc., its Officers or Board of Directors shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property or bodily injury to any member or their guests.