AR/VR Apps


Google Expeditions

  • Virtual fieldtrips
  • Students can freely explore areas and touch points of interest

Some ideas on implementation here:


(if you click this button in the left hand corner of the video you can see the 3D View:


  • Explore the world using Google Maps
  • This is a game that allows students to explore a place using Google Map street views and guess the location by dropping a pin on the map
  • Useful for teaching globalization

Aurasama and/or QR codes in general

  • Students could create posters or models with QR codes that link to additional multimedia to support their learning


  • Students can create interactive ar elements when using the Blippar app on media products or everyday objects
  • Here is an example of Blippar in action:

  • Free for Education
  • when you’re in the Blippar main page there are options to add widgets for audio, video, etc.

Video on getting started here: