RedD Gallery

An Esoteric Voyage Through Ecstasy

02.09.2019 - 28.09.2019

An Esoteric Voyage Through Ecstasy

Artists: Nina Backman, Cecile Wesolowski, Fleur Helluin, Justice Muhkeli, Christina Fytili, Dijon Dajee, Gregory Robin, Valentina Murabito, Alexander Hamawi, Maria Leivadiotaki, Markus Jaursch, Rene Holm, John Hedley, Max Michel Thillaye

Ecstasy. A word with an implied mystic element that has the ability of expansion, trance, oneness & unification. Ecstasy brings out an intense Meditative state in which the participant experiences the above along with a sense of belonging. 

Ecstasy: a feeling and the emotion hidden behind it.

In ancient times, the experience of Ecstasy was considered sacred, mysterious and honored by the Unknown and the Divine Kingdom.

Philosopher Plotinus has described Ecstasy as the ‘’culmination of human possibility’’. Dionysus, the ultimate personification of religion and ritual performance; he even brought the Ecstatic process into a broader and more ‘’humane’’ spectrum by using the medium of Wine.

Ecstasy is not a superficial experience. It is a journey towards finding the hidden sides of our esoteric self.

It is highly intertwined with the Divine element, the Agnostic world, and Mysticism.

It is associated with pure Energy.

By Pure we mean Energy that is untouched by the social elements, Energy that has nothing to do with Rules, How’s Musts or Shoulds.

Through the activation of the Divine, Agnostic and Mystical; Ecstasy is offering a unique personalized voyage to its participants that could be reflected in various fields: Arts, Architecture, Meditation, Dance, Video Production, Sex, Speaking and Voice Volume, Decorating and overall CHOICE.

Choosing something different. Choosing something that could bring us closer to Unification and Oneness.  Choosing something that is outside of the norm and not implied by society’s structure. Choosing to begin a journey towards our true and authentic self.

When people experience Ecstasy they don’t care about superficial qualities or third party perception.

Therefore no socialized elements are present.

On the contrary, the Ecstatic person is fulfilled with Freedom of Expression and Unruled Creativity.

The above two qualities shape the index of this exhibition and invite you to join this personalized journey.

Ecstatic and Unruled Creativity join Freedom of Expression and form a unique energetic blend full of Colors, Shapes & Optic Indulgence.


Words by Angeliki Katsanevaki

BA History of Art & Archaeology, University of Crete | BA Fashion Design, Central Saint Martins, London | MA Contemporary Art, Goldsmiths University London


Part I:

Location: Chania Sailing Club (off-site event)

Dates: 02. 09. 2019 - 06. 09. 2019

Opening Event: 2nd September 2019, 10 pm

Artists: Cecile Wesolowski -  Max Michel Thillaye 

Part II:

Location:  Redd Gallery, Daskalogianni 14A Chania 73100

Opening Hours: 11 am - 9 pm Every Day except Sunday

Private View: 16th September 2019, 8 pm - 11 pm