Beech Class Newsletter – 29th September 2017

Don’t forget the disco this evening: KS2 6.30-7.45 tickets £1


Y5: In Literacy we have continued working on Oranges in No Man’s land, and our focus for grammar and writing has been turning direct speech into reported speech. The two most important things to remember are that reported speech is always written in the past tense and that the word ‘that’ is very useful.

(Sam said that his legs hurt after he had fallen over.)  

The children wrote about the first meeting of Ayesha, the main character, and Abu Boutross; a gentleman about whom we know very little as yet.

We found that sometimes reporting speech was easy but we have to be aware that sometimes we don’t need to write every word of a speech down for it to make sense. In maths we have been thinking about using counting up to make complex subtraction problems easy to understand and using different methods of addition or subtraction to solve word problems. (Of course there will be the usual multiplication and associated division fact learning. Children will need to learn their times tables as quickly as possible so please encourage any home learning of these.) For homework Y5’s will be given a new Mental Maths book and the children need to complete Section 1… Test 1 (A,B & C) Literacy will be a little more converting direct speech into reported speech. If possible, please can any loose sheets of paper be glued into the homework books as they often come adrift in school bags or drawers.) All the permission forms for the brass instruments for Y5s have been received (thank you!) and instruments can now be taken home for practice between Thursday lessons.

Y6: Our focus in writing and grammar this week has been writing dialogue using the context of a conversation between Ayesha and a militiaman at a nearby checkpoint (taken from our book ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’). In maths we have worked on column addition, had a foray into the world of Roman numerals, filled some ‘gaps’ shown up on the Assertive Mentoring sheets, done lots of multiplication and division fact practice and, for some, continued working on multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. The new mental maths books have arrived, so maths homework this week is to do section 1, test 1. There are guidance notes stuck on the front of the books which give suggestions about what effort is expected.  English homework is a series of short tasks involving words with the spelling -al (pronounced /ul/).

All Beech Class: Our science work on light is nearly complete; this week the children considered how the shadows from sun-umbrellas would create different areas of shade on the area around a pool. We tried to position the umbrellas to ensure that our plasticine people would not get ‘sunburnt’! In art we have continued thinking of designs and practising painting techniques ready to produce our finished pebbles over the next couple of weeks. The Mayan people have come under scrutiny once again. As well as looking more closely about the area of the world they inhabited we also began investigating a timeline. We began to see that the Mayan civilization began to put our own European efforts to improve our lot to shame, as we worked out that the Mayans were building huge stone cities in the jungles of Central America while we were still using wattle and daub and living in small isolated communities.IMG_1653.jpg

Work in R.E. is centred around Christianity. This week we have been looking about the Christian image of Christ and of how this may be different depending on which part of the world you live in.  This promoted a very lively discussion and finished with a reflection of how we ourselves might view a person from the distant past, especially if we had little if any knowledge about the ethnicity of different peoples of the world.

In addition to the homework given above, children are expected to read regularly (4-5 times a week), learn/practise multiplication facts, practise their brass instrument (Y5 and Y6 play-on pupils) and learn spellings as they are given. Homework is due the following Tuesday.

Important dates

Mon Oct 9th and Tues 10th: Parent’s meetings

Wed Oct 11th: Harvest Festivals - 9.30 EY/KS1 10.45 KS2

Thurs Oct 12th/Fri 13th: HMS Belfast trip (Y5)

Mon 16th Oct: Visit to Crucial Crew event (Y6)

23rd - 27th Oct: Half-term

Monday 30th Oct: PD day

Tues 14th November: ‘Go Green’ non-uniform, eco-focused day

Saturday 2nd Dec: School Christmas Bazaar

Tuesday 19th Dec: End of term

Regular information

P.E. takes place every Monday and Thursday. Appropriate kit must be worn for each lesson.

Brass lessons are on Thursdays with Mr Courtney. Please ensure instruments are in school.

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