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Project RattleCam - Donating through Cal Poly
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Donating to Project RattleCam through Cal Poly Foundation

Thanks for donating to Project RattleCam (, we appreciate all donations! You can donate to our crowdfunding campaign at, or follow the steps below to donate as tax-deductible and eligible for employer match (if available for you and/or your spouse). Please specify the project as shown below, so the donation reaches the correct fund, as the Cal Poly Foundation covers many projects.

Note: We strongly recommend following this from a computer, not a phone. If your employer uses a system like Benevity, you can try donating using these instructions instead, either should work, though employer systems can add additional delay.

  1. Visit and click the green “Give Now” button:
  2. Enter donation amount. We appreciate any donation amount!
  3. Choose    to open a menu.
  4. Search for “bio” (or scroll down), check the box for “Biological Sciences Department” from the College of Science and Mathematics.

  1. Click Continue.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: specify the project
  1. “Bio Department - Project RattleCam - Dr. Emily Taylor”.

  1. Enter donor information. If your employer (or your spouse’s employer) may have a gift matching program, read the section below now. Click “ Save and Continue>> ”.
  2. Enter billing information, then click “ Next Step ”.
  3. Review and click “ Submit ” to complete the donation. Thank you!!!
  4. Optional: send confirmation # to so we can verify receipt.

Optional: Double or triple your gift with Employer Matching (and/or spouse’s employer) at no cost to you! Read on.

Many employers match donations at no cost to the employee. The matching section is just below donor information on the first page. You can request a match with both your employer and your spouse’s employer if both you and your spouse work for companies with matching programs. Some employers are not listed, but you can still request a match.

  1. Click the green bar to expand the section

  1. Enter your employer name in the box and click “Find Your company’s Matching Gift Program” below to open the search pop-up.

  1. If your employer does not show up, or for some reason this isn’t working, you can request a match through your employer. This is not uncommon; skip to note below.
  2. If your employer shows up, click the name, then click the “Select this Company” button at the bottom.
  3. Enter the same project information in the box for additional notes/comments:
  1. Bio Department - Project RattleCam - Dr. Emily Taylor”.

Note: My employer was not listed even though we have a matching program. If your employer does not show up, you can enter your donation (often referred to as “offline donation”) and request a match in your employer’s system using the info below. Please specify the same project information for the match.

Visit the site for further reading and contact info:

Note: You can donate by mail or phone if you prefer; please specify the project (in the notes section of the check or verbally on the phone) and submit an employer match through your employer, as specified above. See the Cal Poly page for more information:

Thanks again, and see you at the live stream!!!