Representative Mark DeSaulnier

440 Civic Center Plaza

Richmond, CA 94804

January 3, 2019

Dear Representative DeSaulnier,

We are writing you on the very first day of the New Blue Congress to thank you for your past work and to look forward to the progressive policies that the House will pass in the 116th Congress.

We especially appreciate that you have made yourself accessible, both to your constituents, by holding numerous town halls and putting out a regular e-newsletter, and to the Indivisible East Bay CA-11 Team in particular, by meeting with us on several occasions over the past two years. Given all that is now on the agenda, we hope to continue to strengthen and deepen our relationship going forward. In this regard, we are suggesting more frequent and regular meetings — once a month ideally — either with yourself or (when your schedule does not allow it) one of your staff. This would serve a dual purpose: providing Indivisible East Bay an opportunity to share our priorities and concerns as well as allowing you to keep us up-to-date with your priorities.

We have high expectations for what you will achieve in your third term as our Member of Congress. As your constituents, we would like to set forth our priorities for both H.R. 1 and a Green New Deal and ask you to vigorously affirm and work to advance them.

H.R. 1

Our first priority regarding H.R. 1 is that you and the Democratic Caucus stand firm in maintaining its strong progressive aspects. We realize that, with the current composition of the Senate and the Executive, it is unlikely that H.R. 1 will become law (although certain aspects might). As such, we see the bill primarily as an important statement of principles. Therefore, we ask you to stand firm and resist the voices that will call for “compromise” over these principles.  

Specifically, these are our top priorities for H.R. 1: (We will further concretize these once the bill is filed.)

Green New Deal

We strongly urge you to follow the lead of Rep. Barbara Lee and others and publicly support the Green New Deal. We encourage you to actively push House leadership to make the GND a top priority in the new Congressional session. Although it is not currently constituted with these powers, we would like to see the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis have subpoena power focused on the GND’s development and implementation with the power to draft legislation.

We look forward to working with you to support these and other progressive policies in the 116th Congress.

Thank you,

Ted Lam and Kristen Law

Team leads, Indivisible East Bay CA-11 Team