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FAQs about the COVID-19 vaccination
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Pfizer Vaccine Shots

CHILDREN : For children aged 5-11 years: call to book an appointment:  (905) 792 2211 Subject to vaccine availability.

For children, 2 doses of vaccine are effective and safe. NACI recommends first and second doses for kids 5-11 be spaced 8 weeks apart for higher peak and duration of immunity. The vaccine was studied in this age group spread 3 weeks apart and has shown to have minimal side effects. Waiting 8 weeks may leave children with less protection right now when cases are high. If choosing to give the second dose earlier than 8 weeks, please wait 30 days between doses.

BOOSTER SHOTS FOR COVID VACCINE: 18 years old and over:

3 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine provide more protection from getting and transmitting the Omicron variant than 2 doses.

All Ontarians 18+ are eligible for a 3rd dose 84 days after the second dose.

Patients at Brameast can schedule booster COVID vaccine (three months / 12 weeks / 84 days after 2nd COVID vaccine):  

Wait List

COVID:  Symptoms or Exposure

If you’re a close contact but do not have symptoms please refer to new Ministry guidelines. Ministry of Health - Covid-19

We are here to help keep you safe and get through this pandemic together.

Please continue to follow public health guidance of wearing a mask, physical distancing, avoiding crowded places, and washing your hands to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise.

Brameast Family Health Organization remains accessible to you, by phone  or in person, as needed. And we will continue to provide you with information and answer your questions about the vaccines and their availability when I have those details.