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Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Executive Summary

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Instructional Overview

At Creighton’s Corner Elementary, we focus on finding the Leader in each Colt, in some way, every day.  Through the Leader in Me and Covey’s 7 Habits, we develop the whole child, teaching proactivity, planning, goal setting and monitoring, and helping each child find their voice.  PBL is the vehicle through which our students build and show their leadership skills, carrying out their chosen projects for idea, to design, to development, to completion.


Leadership is nurtured at our school through the building of strong relationships and our focus on Responsive Classroom and Morning Meeting helps each child start the day off in a safe, friendly, collaborative environment, where each voice is heard and respected.  Students are responsible for their own success and students set goals and track their progress through the use of Leadership Notebooks and report their progress to their teachers and parents through student-led conferences.  

Collaborative Learning Teams plan for individualized instruction and support each other by developing strong, student-centered lessons and effective enrichment opportunities.  Teachers continue to develop as practitioners through staff development in choice areas, such as Guided Math, Google Classroom, Using resources to support a paperless classroom, and developing PBL opportunities that are tightly aligned to the SOL standards.   One of our main goals this school year is to develop a structured Response to Intervention framework that identifies and provides specific interventions to the school’s diverse student population.  Our school team is entering the RTI Cohort III and will be trained in Response to Intervention this year.  Through this training, our team will be able to create and implement intervention practices that support all learners.


Our Lighthouse Team (School Leadership Team) has facilitated a differentiated staff development plan focused on teaching Goal Setting, developing Lead Measures by which to measure Goal Attainment, and developing supports when students don’t reach their goals. In addition, Action Teams (groups of teachers who meet each month to address important areas such as Staff Development, Student Learning, Student Leadership Opportunities, Family Learning, Schoolwide Goals, etc.) help guide the work of our Lighthouse Team.  

Most importantly, students solve problems and play active leadership roles in their classroom and our school.  They give guidance to our instructional and administrative staff through classroom meetings and through our Student Lighthouse Team, which is a school improvement team for students.  Our Vision for students is, Each Student a Creator, Each Student a Contributor, Every Student a Leader.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Creighton’s Corner is a vibrant and comprehensive school community.  Our children enjoy many opportunities outside of the school setting, including numerous field trip experiences, a strong after school enrichment program that focuses on a wide variety of topics including Coding, Sports and Games, Chorus, Piano, Public Speaking, Dance, and other activities).

Our academic teams, such as Odyssey of the Mind, National Science League, Math Olympiad, and Math League are well represented and have had success as State Champions and National Champions.  We also have a very active community service commitment and our students have participated in Food Drives, Bottled Water Drives, community presentations, and national presentations.

Our music team is very active and we field a tremendous school chorus and our music team performs five musical performances a year, including a two act play at the end of the year.

Finally, we have extended our learning opportunities to our families.  Our 7 Habits for Effective Families training  will be offered schoolwide through a series of information nights and mornings this school year.

Areas of Strength

Teaching and Learning

  • Performance Rate of 91.5 % for Reading SOL with significant improvement in the performance of Economically Disadvantaged students (+3%), Students With Disabilities (+2%) and EL students (100% overall pass rate).
  • Significant increase in Math performance for Black Students (7% point increase) and Students with Disabilities (19% point increase)
  • Successful Implementation of the Leader in Me program and Responsive Classroom Practices
  • Overall performance of EL students in all areas of instruction
  • Project Based Learning opportunities in every classroom.
  • Strong emphasis on student data tracking and goals setting through the use of goal sheets and leadership notebooks where students track their goals and performance.

School Environment

  • Student, Parent and Staff Surveys show very high levels of positive relationships and trust among the three groups.
  • Strong Communication exists between home and school.
  • Students, Parents, and Staff feel safe at school.
  • Students feel highly engaged in school and the school provides a wide variety of after-school and community events (Reading Under the Stars, 5th grade Play, Math Night, STEM Night, OM, Math League, PTA Events (Bingo, Movie Nights, Family Dance Night, ASEP classes, etc.)

Areas for Growth

Summary statements for domains providing evidence of analysis of trend data over a 3-year period and data triangulation to confirm areas of concern. Provide a clear connection between outcomes and contributing factors.

Teaching and Learning

  • Math Performance for Economically Disadvantaged Students, Students with Disabilities, and Black Students.  
  • Develop more prescriptive walk-through feedback for teachers
  • Math professional development for Math Workshop model as well as research-based Math Interventions.
  • More prescriptive use of MAP assessments and targeted interventions.
  • Focus on more meaningful student goal setting and data tracking as well as more consistent Student-Led Conferencing
  • Further Develop PBL activities that are closely aligned to SOLs and allow students to show Leadership.

School Environment

  • Provide training and opportunities for parents to learn our Leadership Curriculum (The Leader in Me) as well as receive information pertaining to their child’s performance. This is tremendously important this year as we add 300 new students due to re-districting.
  • Develop and Promote an environment where students feel comfortable taking risks and learning from their mistakes.  
  • Provide more explicit feedback to parents regarding their students performance and their students strengths and needs for improvement.
  • Provide staff training (PBL, Responsive Classroom, Leader in Me)  for a rapidly growing staff
  • Provide more opportunities for parents to interact with their child and their child’s classroom during the school day (Leadership Binder Reviews, volunteer opportunities, PBL demonstrations and/or presentations.