About me

I am a computer user at https://binixo.es 



So UN agency is that this programmer? this can be a specialist whose task is to show the pc the required skills. If we tend to are visiting teach somebody (or one thing) to something, we tend to should speak the identical language with our student, and be able to make a case for our task to him. Moreover, a computer user is additionally needed to understand the professions and spaces of activity within which a laptop is used! And to form positive that the machine and also the specialist in a very specific area might understand one another and “agree”. Interesting? And how! Here you've got the appliance for my extroversion, the will and skill to speak not solely with cars, however additionally with individuals. And most of all, i would like to speak with customers myself, and to not entrust this to “business informatics”.

The second and.

Continuous improvement, continuous advance. This science doesn't sub place, it's perpetually evolving and reworking, new and new data seems, thus it's necessary to stay your hand on the heartbeat of your time day when day, to not fall behind. however at the identical time, it's not enough simply to remain afloat, it's additionally necessary to alter one thing, supplement, search and notice surprising moves and solutions, invent one thing that your colleagues can still study.

The third and profession. Profession relevant and extremely paid. If you move to all styles of job search sites, you'll be able to see that within the field of programming lots of jobs with a decent reward. Abroad, the activities of such specialists are dearer, and also the work is that the same.

The next and.

There is each probability of changing into associate degree indie developer. That is, to totally work for yourself, while not the necessity to rely on some other person and to exhibit solely your comes. The saying of indie programmers - have it off yourself.

The fifth virtue: the chance for skilled growth. there's no definite bar on behalf of me to achieve any level, everything depends solely on Maine, on however curious and diligent i'll be.