Sixth Grade Bulldog Pride Newsletter

From the leadership team


Monday - Test:  Module 4 Lessons 9-20

Tuesday - Module 4, Lesson 23-24: True and False Number Sentences

Wednesday - Module 4, Lesson 25: Finding Solutions to Make Equations True

Thursday - Module 4,  Lesson 26: One-Step Equations - Addition and Subtraction

Friday -  Module 4, Lesson 27: One-Step Equations - Multiplication and Division

Test:  Module 4 Lessons 23-34, Test date March 27


We are starting poetry; this week we will be reading and analyzing the poems “Oranges” and “Ode to Family”.  Students will be learning the elements of poetry as well.

***Reading Homework is due Friday.

***Keep reading AR each night.


Monday - Magnetic Poles

Tuesday - Earth’s magnetic fields and forces

Wednesday - Electromagnets/Generators

Thursday - Electromagnets/Generators

Friday - Teacher Made Test

Social Studies

Monday-Wednesday:  Monotheistic religions

Thursday: government

Friday:  Pax Romana

girls Health and Pe

Soccer Kickball

boys health and pe



This week we will be finishing up numeric keyboarding


  1. First hour Band practice Tuesday, March 13th from 2:30-4:00 pm
  2. 2nd/3rd hour band practice Thursday, March 15th from 2:30-4:00 pm
  3. All students in band should be able to play all of their songs at this point, and should be prepared to

             Pass off all music at anytime.

       4.   Please try to wrap up selling our World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser.

        We do still have a few boxes of almonds left if anyone can sell that for us.  

       5.   State Band Festival is March 19-21.  As soon as we know the date for your child’s group,

             We will let you know.  The dress will be the same as it was for the district festival.

       6.   End of the year band concert will be on May 15th @6:00 pm.  


Tues, March 13:  Yearbook Meeting 2:30 PM-4:30 PM

Wed, March 14:  BETA Meeting Skinny Time

Thurs, March 15:  Track Meet at SLHS

Sat, March 17:  GKTW Shooting the Crap

Mon, March 19:  Spring Pictures

Tues, March 20:  Track Meet THS

Tues, March 20:  Yearbook Meeting 2:30 PM-4:30 PM

Wed, March 21:  Report Card

Wed, March 21:  Stu Co Popcorn Sale $1.00

Wed, March 21:  Stu Co Meeting at Skinny

Thurs, March 22:  Snowball Sale $3.00

Thurs, March 22:  Track Meet THS

Fri, March 23:  Redemption Friday

Mon, March 26:  Track Meet CLHS

Tues, March 27:  Mandatory Cheer/Dance Tryout Parent Meeting 6:00 PM

Tues, March 27:  Project Graduation Jean Day $1.00

Tues, March 27:  Yearbook Meeting 2:30 PM-4:30 PM

Wed, March 28:  Honor Roll Breakfast 9:00 AM

Wed, March  28:  BFC Meeting at Skinny

Wed. March 28:  Yearbook Pickle Sale

Thurs, March 29:  Walk A Thon

Thurs, March 29:  PBiS Bash

Fri, March 30-Fri, April 6:  Spring Break