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Friday, October 19, 2018

New Kindergarteners

LOL To begin, I interviewed Gabriella from Mrs.Reagan's class. Gabriella said that she likes art, and she says that she likes art because she likes all of the colors. Her favorite thing to learn is spanish. Gabriella said she likes spanish because of all the songs that Mrs.Debever plays. She says that she likes her teacher, Mrs.Reagan. I quote she said, “ I like my teacher because she is super wonderful and does everything for us”. Her favorite thing to do is homework, all homework. Gabriella said she likes to learn things on her homework. She would like to thank her teacher, Mrs.Reagan, because of all the things she does for us.



         Next, another kindergartner, named Antonio, likes science. He likes science because he likes to separate leaves and make stuff. Also, at recess Antonio likes to go down the slide and run around. Antonio’s favorite thing to learn is math. He likes to learn numbers to help him add and subtract. Weirdly, his least favorite thing to learn is math. He likes to learn about numbers, but also doesn’t like math because it is hard. Antonio is excited for 1st grade because he wants to learn more and write more. Lastly, Antonio has two friends that he really likes. Those two friends are Miles and Elliot and he really likes to play tag with them.

Likewise, another kindergartner, named Jackson likes math. Jackson likes math because he likes to add and count. He says he that his teacher Mrs.Walkup is very nice and she lets them have extra recess some days. His favorite thing to learn is art because he can draw, paint, and color.

 He also likes art because is brother makes funny drawings. Jackson would like to thank his teacher Mrs.Walkup for I quote “extra recess”.

          Therefore, the last kindergartener, is named Gianna. To begin, her favorite subject is arts and crafts because it is fun and she likes to make butterflies. At recess he favorite thing to do is  walk up the slide. Also, she likes to learn almost everything, but really likes science. She likes science because it is fun and she likes putting stuff in a cup and making it explode. Her least favorite thing is homework, which she said she has in almost every class. Gianna is excited for 1st grade and she looks forward to learning more in science and doing more arts and crafts. Last, Gianna has one friend named Addie and she likes to play games with her. Her favorite game to play with Addie is hide- and- seek.


As many of you know that, a construction of a Building has been in way since last year. What is very surprising is of the fact that the construction of this hotel  has been worked on just outside of school perimeters.  This has raised questions over changes that have to be made. Mrs.Mitchell has said that the construction was a total surprise. They tried going against it in the fear of stranger danger. But because the land was for sale, it is under the legal legislation of the owners. The owners have been thoughtful by increasing safety of the construction, and the site’s future. The only real concern will happen to the prairie dogs who have to move out. Some are migrating to the school which may cause a risk, but until now, no prairie dogs have been seen on school property, but many prairie dog holes have been spotted near the trees.

    And so in conclusion the only thing we will have to do is to adapt to the new publicity. Although the owners of the property say that they will provide no harm to us, there are only limited concern among the construction near our school.


Cross Country

One of our schools after school activities is cross country. Cross country is a sport where you run a race on an open air course over natural terrain instead of a track. Many students participate in cross country including Devyn Hubbs, Sam Nelson, Peyton Holt, Mitchell Mohr, Clara Pickford, Jase Balderman, Keagan Dipietro, Ella Nelson, Hudson Jones, Catherine Farrell, and Cooper Johnson. This group is for fifth through eighth grade, and practices are on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after school.   This group, most people would agree, will help you with your overall speed, stamina, and conditioning.



  Most meets take place on Friday or Saturdays. “I decided to run cross country because it would be a fun way to exercise, and I would be able to be with my friends. I’m definitely going to run Cross Country next year!” said Ella Nelson a current member of the team. For dates, times, and locations of the cross country meets or for the schedules of any of the other after school activities check out the C2E website.




New Middle Schoolers

This year we are welcoming many new students! When asked the question, “How do you like C2E so far?” student Connor Romero answered with “It is treating me well, it’s a big change from my old school. Side Creek Elementary’s work is easier than it is here, but is a good challenge”. The new students say that we have done a good job of welcoming them into the school and making sure they have friends and feel accepted. Student Olivia Heisler comments “People actually seem alive here”. The new middle schoolers have made lots of friends since they started at C2E. Student Arun Prasath befriended Jerret Therail and Lui Le. Teachers are loved by these new students. These students have also liked their electives and new schedules too. Overall, these new students have enjoyed being at C2E so far. We hope that they will stay for many years to come! Or at least till they graduate!



C2E Volleyball

October 16, 2018 - After a close lose to PCK we have three more games left in the season until playoffs. We right now are tied in 2nd place with Academy Charter. Our three other games in the season, not including playoffs are against, on Oct. 17 which is a home game against American Academy, away game against American Academy on Oct. 18 and a home game against Cherry Creek Academy on Oct. 23. Then playoffs on Oct 31 - Nov. 1. The rest of the season will contain plenty of hardwork from our players.