1.        Purpose

The Board recognizes that adequate property and inventory records must be maintained on all buildings, equipment, and physical property under District control.

2.        Authority

The Board directs that a complete inventory of all District-owned equipment and property records of all District buildings and grounds shall be maintained and updated annually.

3.        Delegation of         Responsibility

It shall be the responsibility of the Business Manager to ensure that equipment inventories are systematically and accurately recorded, updated, and adjusted annually by reference to purchase orders and withdrawal reports. Property records of facilities shall be maintained on an ongoing basis.

The Business Manager shall maintain a system of property records which shall show, as appropriate to the item recorded:

  1. Description and identification.

  1. Manufacturer.

  1. Year of purchase.

  1. Initial cost.

  1. Location.

  1. Condition and depreciation.

  1. Current valuation, in conformity with insurance requirements.

4.        Guidelines

Major items of equipment shall be subject to annual physical spot check inventory to determine loss, location or depreciation; any major loss shall be reported to the Board.

Records of consumable supplies shall be maintained on a continuous inventory basis.

        Pol. 708, 710

No equipment shall be removed for personal or nonschool use, except in accordance with Board policy.

Equipment shall be identified with a permanent tag that provides appropriate District identification.

        706 AR

Surplus property shall be disposed of in accordance with District procedures.

District Storage

The Business Manager shall be responsible to devise an effective system in which the instructional materials, equipment, and supplies needed are properly identified, purchased in accordance with the purchasing policy, processed, and delivered to the schools.

It is the policy of the District to house the instructional materials and supplies in District storage. Upon receipt of requisition forms, District storage prepares the materials for delivery via the District's courier service. Materials not on hand will be purchased and delivered upon receipt.

District storage will be subject to inventory control procedures developed by the Business Manager and approved by the Board.

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