What is

Upscale Mental Health

My name is Dr. Amy D. Montague and I have been practicing psychology for over 20 years in Southern California.  In March of 2017 I suffered a massive right brain stroke and had to give up a successful private practice in Torrance, CA.

When I first received my license, I leased a furnished office for two days a week and after a few months I built my patient load to a level where I was able to lease a private office.

I practiced at this location for seven years but found that I was feeling very isolated and lacked connections to other health care practitioners whom I could cross reference and discuss patient care with.

There was another doctor who was looking to share a suite with me so we leased a three office suite with a waiting room.  This idea of working with another practitioner was immediately rewarding in a number of ways.

We advertised the third office and within a month had two part time mental health practitioners renting that third office.  The isolation was gone and I began getting returning patients and often other family members as well.  

Cross referencing was easier and I started getting patients from other doctors rather than insurance companies.  What I realized from physician referrals were that they were of a higher quality than insurance referrals and they tended to remain for long term treatment.

Now that I have recovered from my stroke to a degree that allows me to work again, I wish to expand upon what I learned in Torrance.  As the name Upscale Mental Health implies, I wish to work with a larger group of mental health practitioners to create the highest quality mental health care possible.

Thanks to my two wonderful sons and husband who wanted my recovery to be as tolerable as possible, my husband and I moved to Huntington Beach where we all presently live together to lower costs and share my husband’s care taking responsibilities.

Along with myself, my husband and two sons, we have developed a business plan which can be viewed on this web page below.  There are two very strong assumptions that make the proposed Upscale Mental Health facility live up to its name.

First - Insurance companies take a generic approach where all practitioners are required to follow a specific criteria for diagnosis and treatment.  UMH practitioners will provide individualized care designed specifically for individual unique patients, which research has proven to be more effective.  In addition Insurance is a violation to a patient's privacy and even their confidentiality.  Therefore, I intend to sublease office space to mental health practitioners of like minded thinking so that we all can provide the best care possible with absolute privacy and the best confidentiality that the law permits.

Second - This approach understandably is more expensive and requires having office space near patients of means.  UMH will be located between Fashion Island and PCH in Newport Beach for convenience and anonymity giving patients alternate motivation for keeping appointments.

I looked for an existing facility that I could just lease an office with and be a part of but was unsuccessful, so I am forced to create it for myself and fellow practitioners who share my beliefs and convictions about mental health care.

I do not intend to profit by subleasing the other offices in this suite but instead will profit from a private practice surrounded by like minded practitioners.  These practitioners will need to offer a full spectrum of specialties so that cross referencing and case consultation can benefit more complete patient care.

I intend to build a team of practitioners with a full spectrum of specialties.  Every practitioner will be fully independent and only share office expenses and utilities.  

If you are interested in possible subleasing at this facility then please look over the proposed floor plan and read the business plan.  Then email to admontague@finallyhelp.com

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