Volunteer with JETAANC!

Serving on a JETAANC initiative or the Executive Committee is a great way to use the JET network to help yourself grow personally and professionally. Open opportunities and current initiatives are available below.

Giving back to Japan through a sister city & disaster relief initiatives, meet and work with your fellow JET alumni through social & career development events, or helping out with JET Program recruiting & onboarding are just some of the ways you can get involved.

Impact metrics for an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization also look great on your resume!

Have something you want to do that’s not listed, or want to learn more about an initiative? Contact the Executive Committee!

Executive Committee Positions

Members at Large - help with one initiative or more!

Executive Committee (EC) Positions

Executive committee positions are minimum 15-month term commitments (3 months ramp-up, 1 year term), and have priority to participate in the annual JETAA USA National Conference. Members that wish to become president of the chapter must first serve as an EC member.

President - Jenn Murawski, 2016-2018

Vice-President - Anna Fung, 2016-2018

Treasurer - Dustin Wang, 2016-2018

Secretary - Sasha Redkina, 2016-2018

IT Director - OPEN

Member Initiatives

We encourage alumni to join one or more of the committees listed below, or get in touch with the Executive Committee if you’d like to participate in another way! Chairs are designated volunteers with a handle on

Programs Committee

Programs Coordinator - assist the Committee Chair in:

Hospitality Coordinator

Disaster Relief Coordinator
Event Coordinator

Organize one of our events. Most event coordinators recruit a partner or a team to help them.

Activity Group Coordinator - Help coordinate one of our activity groups or suggest your own!

Communications Committee

Writers, Graphic Designers, and Assistant Editors

Social Media Coordinator

Chapter Photographer

Community Outreach Committee

Sister City Association Liaison

Liaison to a Japan-related Organization

Professional Development Committee

Webinar Development Coordinator
Professional Networking Coordinator
Mentor Network Chair

Finance Committee - Dustin Wang, Treasurer

Assistant Treasurer - Development & Partnerships

Information Technology Committee - Chair OPEN

Membership Committee - OPEN

Legal Affairs Committee

Subchapter Committees 

Serve as the community leader in a particular geographical area! Recruit/manage a team of alumni to organize local activities and build the local alumni community, and develop relationships with local partner organizations: