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May, 2018


May showers bring graduation!

It is important to meet the application and financial aid priority deadlines so that you will be ontrack for the maximum amount of money you would qualify for. If you haven’t completed your FAFSA it will be critical to do so as soon as possible.

We are into May now and seniors should be making final choices for college/training. The preadvising session with CSI will be at NVA on May 9th in the afternoon and the S.O.A.R event (required orientation at CSI) will be May 19. We will go together as a group with GHS and have all of our classes chosen and in place and the orientation out of the way so that the summer can be used for work and play. If you cannot attend this event then you may register for one of several sessions that will be offered during the summer. You will register online.

Don’t forget to keep the scholarship hunt going...see the scholarship document on the Counselor Page on this website.

The College of Southern Idaho is offering The Summer Bridge Program this summer for students who will be enrolled at CSI in the fall and have not scored into freshman math. They will offer Math 123 from June through July, 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Monday through Thursday. Lunch is provided, no cost for books or a calculator and will include tutoring. The course will be held at Gooding’s CSI Northside Center. Get a jump on your freshman year with this dual credit math under your belt! See the flyer posted just outside of Ms. Kendra’s room.

Career Snapshot

Agriculture Scientists

Have you considered a career in Agriculture? Agricultural scientists use the principles of biology, chemistry, and other sciences to solve problems in agriculture. They study: Crops, insects and soil use. Agricultural scientists try to find better, safer ways to control pests and weeds. They also study ways to conserve soil and water. They research ways of turning raw agricultural products into attractive and healthy food products for consumers. Agricultural scientists may also work in range systems, meaning they work with livestock as well as plants and soil.

People who work in agricultural careers may work indoors in labs and or outside with crops and or animals. You will need at least a bachelor (four year degree) or higher depending on the work you wish to do. You may work for private farms/ranches, State government or the Federal government. If you think that this kind of work sounds interesting and rewarding then check out the Idaho colleges/universities that have this major: Ag Business, BYUI, U of I, CSI, CWI; U of I also has an Ag Education major, Systems Management and Sustainable Food Systems; CWI has Ag Science and Communications. This information came from and is available from the Career Information System at