Ten Steps to Becoming a Trustworthy Visiting Teacher

Step One: Be Committed

Step Two: Be Prayerful

"To give your heart and soul to visiting teaching requires you to be prayerful about those you visit. The Lord will direct you in doing His work as you listen and respond to his promptings."

-- December 2004 Ensign

Step Three: Be Creative

Step Four: Be Watchful

"Every time we watch over one another, godlike qualities of love, patience, kindness, generosity, and spiritual commitment fill the souls of those we visit and enlarge our souls as well."

-- Bonnie D. Parkin

Step Five: Be a Good Listener

Step Six: Be a Good Teacher

"The monthly gospel message we share builds faith and testimony. The giver and the receiver are both edified as they share insights and personal experiences while discussing gospel principles, scriptures, and teachings of our prophets."

-- Silvia H. Allred

Step Seven: Be Concerned and Compassionate

"Who can measure the joy that has come into the lives of women as they have mingled together? Who can fathom the uncountable acts of charity that have been performed, the food that has been put on barren tables, the faith that has been nurtured in desperate hours of illness, the wounds that have been bound up, the pains that have been ameliorated by loving hands and quiet and reassuring words, the comfort that has been extended in times of death and consequent loneliness?”

-- President Gordon B. Hinckley

Step Eight: Be a Mentor

Step Nine: Be a Caring Friend

"One additional blessing is the close friendship that takes place between the two sisters who are companions. We learn from each other, and we love each other as we serve together."

--Silvia H. Allred

Step Ten: Be a Thoughtful Reporter

"I pledge to extend my arms of love and compassion to bless, lift, and strengthen each sister I visit."

We know that you can make a difference in the lives of the sisters you visit. Visiting teaching is the gift of a loving Heavenly Father to His daughters. It gives us the opportunity to reach out to each other, create bonds of love, lift each other's burdens, and grow in faith.

Ten Steps to Becoming a Trustworthy Visiting Teacher