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28 November 2016

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Week 8:

Intermediate School Visits: Year 6 students have a big day out on Tuesday. There are separate notices for this with details of what to take on their visit to the Intermediate school they are enrolled at for 2017.

Road Patrol Reward Day:

The road patrollers from 2016 will go to the Olympic Pools with Mrs Gomm on Wednesday for their reward day. This is a big thank you for undertaking this very important job. There is a separate notice about this.

Christmas Trees: Have you seen the trees in the city shops? They look fabulous. Congratulations to the classes and teachers for being so creative with these.

Town Library: Last week we all visited the Town Library. This was our last visit for the year. There are a number of activities at the Library during the holidays. See the pics below.

Noho ora mai rā

nā Cheryl Torrie

Deputy Principal / Team Pango Leader

Dates for your Calendar:

29 Nov: Intermediate orientation day for yr 6’s

30 Nov: Road Patrol reward day for yr 6’s at Olympic Pools

6 Dec: Student-Led Conferences

6 Dec: School closes at 12.30

7 Dec: Student-Led Conferences

7 Dec: School closes at 12.30

15 Dec: Team Pango Privilege Day

16 Dec: End of year celebration assembly. Last school day for students

Week 7 - Term 4

Team Pango Student of the Week



Room 2

 Read the citation from her teacher, Mrs Gomm.


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Register for this reading programme for 9-13 year olds. The reward day at the end is is Stringray feeding at Makarori.

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Details of the iRead for 9-13 year olds