Minutes for Joslin Memorial Library Board Meeting

                                        6:00 P.M.  Joslin Memorial Library

                                                    Date:  May 8, 2019




                Trustees:  Jean, Sally, Trish, Carol

                Staff and Guests:  Katie, Anna, Ann Felderman, Ken Felderman, Liz LaFerriere


Absent:  David


The meeting opened at 6:04


Additions or Deletions:  Feedback from volunteers addition

                                                Delete financial report


Approve Draft Minutes:  Accepted minutes of April 11, March 13



Friends of the Library Report:

                Liz reported on programs past and present

                Responses to plea for funds came in at about half the usual amount

                Jean reported that the budget has other funds for programming.

                Trish suggested that we look at the timing of fund raising for the Board at our next meeting in July.


Feedback from volunteers;

1.    Some kind of table would be appreciated in the upper space.

(Jean:  Wait for final ADA approval before change)

2.    Suggestion:  Bell on downstairs door to indicate when someone enters. (For consideration)

(Jean: look at staffing for downstairs)

                            (High school students to do community service?)

3.    Katie: Swap shifts for volunteers who are uncomfortable with downstairs?

4.    Volunteer room not visually welcoming. Anna will check on student art at the local schools.  Katie will look into a Harwood rotating art display.


Children’s Librarian’s Report


                1.  Anna presented figures for attendance at Monday story hour.  They are up from last year.


Old Business –

Second spot to post warnings.  VG suggested.  Will try for a few months.

Minutes filed at town office


President’s Report:

                1. Progress on first thank you.  Done

                2. Myndy Woodruff finished one door and will do the Bridge Street door, restoring it to its original look as much as possible.  Transom needs to be done too.

                3. Spencer Dumas will help address ADA requirements, especially the downstairs door.

4. Progress on clearing out Wait House:  Resource Store coming Tuesday to clear out Wait House.

5.  Heating & cooling.  Thermostat in little bathroom was way up.  Maybe put a cage around it?  Jean will speak to Bob.

5.  Need for more chairs.  Check regular budget to see if there is any money for chairs (Carol)

                6.  Building is ready for cooling for summer.

                7.  Memorial Day (27th) and July 4th -5th the library will be closed.  Put on website.  Property Management has done some exterior seasonal cleaning.

                8.  Should we be doing a celebration for donors?


                Carol moved  to hire Mad River Property Management to oversee maintenance of grounds.  Sally, Carol and Jean voted to affirm.  Trish abstained.


Librarian’s Report:


                Katie presented her report.  All statistics are higher than last year at the same time.  Programs numbers are setting records.  She reviewed upcoming programs including Bill McKibben.  December 3rd.  After- school movies will be shown once a week on Tuesdays.  All ADA signage has been ordered.  New website is live.


Treasurer’s Report:


                Budget in good shape.


Financial Report:  None


New Business :

1.    Access for wheelchair-bound person – outer door – handle to be replaced.  Tension on door needs to be adjusted.  Modifications are under way.


2.    Fire alarm.  Change batteries twice yearly when change clocks. Find solution for ladder for fire alarms and lights.


3. Determine method of developing yearly calendar – Jean presented a sample.  She’ll make copies for us to add to.


Develop guidelines for reviewing policies.  Suggestion:  Meet every other month for review of policies.  Brown bag.


Review draft policy on children’s use of library.  Postpone to Tuesday 28th May at noon.  


                Executive Session to review personnel per I V.S.A. 313


                Jean moved to go into executive session.  Sally seconded.



Trish moved to end executive session.  Sally seconded.


The meeting came out of executive session at 8:05.


The meeting closed at 8:10.


The next regular meeting will be July 10th at 6:00 p.m.

A special meeting to review policy will be Tuesday, May 28th at noon.  Bring a brown bag lunch.


Respectfully submitted,


Carol Hosford, Secretary