Participation Rules: "PV in HOKKAIDO" Contest Seeks Best Models for Predicting Power Output of Solar Power Plants in Hokkaido, Japan


[Article 1: Application of rules]


1.      To enter this Contest, you are required to agree with these Participation Rules. Please read and agree to these Participation Rules before entering this Contest.

2.      If you agree to these Participation Rules, you shall be bound by all of the provisions herein, as well as all matters added to these Participation Rules ("additional matters") and the TEPCO CUUSOO user policy.



[Article 2: Definitions]


1.      The following terms used in these Participation Rules shall have the definitions given below.


(1)    “this Website”

"TEPCO CUUSOO (," the Website posting the Contest.

(2)    “Contest”

A competition for the development of prediction methods, prediction results, and associated reports, conducted by the Contest Hosts based on this Website.

(3)    Contest Hosts

Joint hosts: Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. and Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc.

(4)    Operations Secretariat


(5)    Applicants

Persons who apply for entry in this Contest through their TEPCO CUUSOO member accounts.

(6)    Participants

Persons who have received notices of entry acceptance from the Operations Secretariat and participate in this Contest.

(7)    Submissions for the First Selection

A collective name for the prediction results, reports, etc. submitted in this Contest.

(8)    Final Submissions

The final items submitted by the Participants by a prespecified method by the deadline for the Submissions for the First Selection.

(9)    Participants in the Final Selection

Participants who receive a notice for candidates for Final Selection from the Operations Secretariat.

(10) Submissions for the Final Selection

Documents with explanatory details and discussions on the prediction method to be submitted by a Participant in the Final Selection, along with a presentation video, etc. based on those documents, according to the instructions of the Operations Secretariat.

(11)  Judging Committee

A committee composed of outside experts appointed by the Contest Hosts, along with employees of the Contest Hosts who have experienced the process used to predict power generation or demand and supply operations in-house.

(12) Final selection

A review of the Final Submissions and Submissions for the Final Selection from Participants in the Final Selection, conducted by the Judging Committee to comprehensively determine the prediction accuracy, practicality, and expandability of the prediction methods submitted.

(13) Prize Winner

A Participant in the Final Selection who receives a prize-winning notice from the Operations Secretariat.


2.      When terms defined in the TEPCO CUUSOO user policy appear in these Participation Rules, they shall have same meanings defined in the aforementioned user policy unless they are otherwise defined in these Participation Rules.



[Article 3: Contest]


1.     Persons who would like to participate in this Contest are required to meet the conditions required for participation, and to agree with these Participation Rules. Persons who are not TEPCO CUUSOO account members cannot participate in this Contest.

2.     Participants shall participate in this Contest in accordance with the method instructed by the Operations Secretariat and are obligated to comply with the specified rules.

3.     Participants shall be able to submit each submission in accordance with the form specified by the Contest, by the specified deadline.

4.     The Contest Hosts and Operations Secretariat shall evaluate the accuracy of the Final Submissions from the Participants by calculating the predictions based on the index to be used for calculating the prediction accuracy as defined for the Contest.

5.     Participants shall be responsible for all aspects of their submissions, including their legality.

6.     Participants shall not submit any materials or documents that do not directly relate to the Contest.

7.     To inquire about the Contest, Participants shall contact an email address specified by the Operations Secretariat during the Contest, unless otherwise specified. Participants shall not contact, consult with, place requests to, or directly solicit the Contest Hosts.

8.     If Participants wish to clarify any points or have questions about the Contest, they must contact the Operations Secretariat through the specified procedures posted on this Website.

9.     The Contest Hosts and Operations Secretariat shall not be obligated to pay any rewards or other compensations for Participants' actions defined in any section of this Article, except for the matters defined in the next Article.



[Article 4: Attribution of Prizes and Rights]


1.      To obtain the right to win prizes in this Contest, a Participants is required to meet the following conditions, unless otherwise specified.


(1)    The Participant becomes a Prize Winner

(2)    The Participant agrees to hold talks with the Contest Hosts if he or she is to submit any joint studies utilizing any analysis/prediction results or reports, analysis/prediction models, algorithms, or source codes, including Final Submissions and Submissions for the Final Selection, or copyrights to submissions, rights to obtain patents, know-how, etc.

(3)    The identity of the relevant Participant is fully confirmed by the Operations Secretariat.

(4)    The Participant has not violated these Participation Rules or the TEPCO CUUSOO user policy.


2.      After receiving a notice of final selection, a Participant in the Final Selection shall submit Submissions for the Final Selection to the Operations Secretariat by the specified date, according to instructions from the Operations Secretariat. If there are any points or details to clarify about the Final Submissions or the Submissions for the Final Selection, the Participant shall also provide answers to the Operations Secretariat by the specified date. If the Contest Hosts do not receive sufficient answers on points to clarify by the specified date, the relevant Participant in the Final Selection may be removed the Final Selection.


3.      If, in the process of the Final Selection review, the Judging Committee determines that Submissions for the Final Selection need to be revised or changed, or additional matters to clarify otherwise arise, the Participants in the Final Selection shall address the points that need to be revised or clarified in accordance with the instructions of the Contest Hosts and Operations Secretariat by the specified date. If the Judging Committee does not receive sufficient responses or answers to the points to clarify by the specified date, a relevant Participant in the Final Selection may be removed from the Final Selection.


4.      The Judging Committee shall determine the Prize Winners, and the Contest Hosts shall announce and notify Participants of the relevant information.



[Article 5: Confidentiality]


1.      Participants shall handle information or data received from the Contest Hosts or Operations Secretariat in connection with the Contest (hereinafter, "Provided Information") as confidential information and shall not disclose Provided Information to third parties or use Provided Information for any purposes other than the purpose separately specified by the Contest Hosts. Note, however, that the information defined below shall not be considered confidential information or restricted accordingly.


(1)    Information that becomes publicly known before disclosure

(2)    Information owned by a Participant at disclosure (only when the relevant Participant can prove ownership in a reasonable manner)

(3)    Information that becomes publicly known after disclosure without any responsibility of a Participant

(4)    Information that has been uniquely developed without the use of any disclosed information

(5)    Information that has been legally disclosed by a third party who has a right to the disclose information without confidentiality obligations (only when the relevant Participant can prove the same in a reasonable manner)


2.      Participants shall delete or dispose of all of the Provided Information after completion of the Contest.

3.      Participants shall handle their Final Submissions and Submissions for the Final Selectionin the same manner defined in Section 1.

4.      If the methods or deliverables created in this Contest are to be used for a graduation thesis, master thesis, doctor thesis, or journal submission for an academic society, the relevant Participant shall apply for and obtain permission from the Contest Hosts in advance. In such a case, the Participant shall not be permitted to include or publish the data provided in this Contest.

5.      If any agreement is separately made regarding confidential information from this Contest, the relevant agreement shall supersede the provisions of these Participation Rules.

6.      If a conflict occurs among the Contest Hosts, third parties, and the Operations Secretariat due to a Participant's violation of this Article and the relevant third parties enter a claim against the Contest Hosts and Operations Secretariat, the relevant Participant shall be liable for any damages, losses, expenses (including, but not limited to, legal costs), lost profits, lost income, etc. incurred by the Contest Hosts and Operations Secretariat.

7.      The provisions of this Article shall remain in force for 5 years after the Contest ends and the Participants complete the procedures to withdraw from their TEPCO CUUSOO accounts all Provided Information, Final Submissions, and Submissions for the Final Selection.


[Article 6: Handling of Personal Information]


1.      The Contest Hosts and Operations Secretariat will use any personal information that is optionally provided by the applicants for Contest entry within the necessary scope for the operation of the Contest.

2.      The personal information of applicants is strictly controlled by the Contest Hosts and Operations Secretariat. Please understand in advance that if an applicant cannot provide the necessary personal information, participation of the Contest cannot be accepted.

3.      The personal information shall not be used beyond the purpose of use without the consent from applicants, nor shall personal information be disclosed to third parties, except for judges who have entered into confidentiality agreements with the Contest Hosts and companies to whom works have been outsourced.

4.      The names (including nicknames) of the Prize Winners may be stated in announcements of the prizes. Reasonable and appropriate safety measures shall be taken to prevent the loss, breakage, falsification, or divulgation of personal information while the personal information is stored and managed.

5.      For more details, please see the "Privacy Policy" ( and "Privacy Policy" ( For details on privacy policy of the Operations Secretariat, please see



[Article 7: Prohibited Activities for Participants]


1.      The Operations Secretariat shall prohibit the following actions by Participants.


(1)    Dishonest actions such as cracking, cheating, or impersonation

(2)    Unauthorized citation, piracy, or plagiarism of methods or others

(3)    Any commercial activities (including recruitment/scouting activities, use by third parties in the education business) involving the presentation of information related to the Contest, without prior approval through the method specified by the Operations Secretariat, including writing and others

(4)    Transfer of a Participant’s position or the rights/obligations of a Participant, granting of security, or other dispositions (except when the Content Hosts give their consent in writing)

(5)    Other acts violating the Participation Rules


2.      If the Contest Hosts recognize that a Participant has performed any of the prohibited actions specified in 1. above, the Operations Secretariat may take actions the Contest Hosts determine to be necessary, such as disqualification of the relevant Participant from the Contest, without any prior notice to the relevant Participant.



[Article 8: Change, Suspension, or Termination of the Contest Based on the Rules]


1.      The Contest Hosts may change or suspend the Contest based on these Participation Rules without giving any prior notice to the Participants.

2.      The Contest Hosts may terminate the Contest or suspend the Contest for a long term based on these Participation Rules after notifying to Participants at least 1 month in advance.

3.      The Contest Hosts shall not be responsible for any results or damages caused by any actions of the Contest Hosts based on this Article.



[Article 9: Revision of the Rules]


1.      The Contest Hosts may revise, add, or delete these Participation Rules at any time without consent from Participants.




1.      Established on December 20th, 2018