Girls Volleyball

Hadley has both 7th and 8th grade girls volleyball teams. The coaches are looking for

committed athletes eager to improve their skills while learning new strategies of the

game. The Volleyball season takes place in Sept and Oct. The teams are part of the

Illinois Prairie Athletic Conference.

Equipment needed: Shoes, Kneepads (optional)

Costs: $40 Athletic Fee

Tryouts: Tryouts take place over multiple days in the first weeks of the school year.  Selection of players will be determined by skill level, attitude, hustle, behavior/work habits, etc. 12 to 16

players will be selected for each team.

Practices: Practices are every weekday unless there is a game. Practices may be before

school at 7:15am or immediately after school until 5:00pm. A practice schedule will be

provided at the start of the season.

Schedule: Games generally take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 7th and 8th grade

teams play one after the other with the first game starting at 4pm. 7th plays first on

Tuesdays while 8th plays first on Thursdays. Athletes are bused to and from away games.

Athlete Expectations: Adhere to district athletic code. Be present and on

time for all practices and games. Be a positive teammate and display good


Playing Time: Because Hadley keeps a large number of players, playing

time may be limited. It is possible that a player may not play in a game, however that

player will likely be given playing time in the following game.

Communication: There will be a parent meeting at the start of the season in addition to

team emails and announcements at practices. Please contact coaches via e-mail with any issues that come up during the season.


8th – Derrek Winkelmann                      

7th – Robin Bollinger