• Face Paint Station
  • Hats for scanners
  • Trojan army shirts
  • Trojan Army Section of the Week
  • Good Attendance

  • Baby powder smell
  • Powder on field
  • Plastic jugs hitting people on head
  • People throwing things at people
  • People throwing things behind
  • Unplanned powder throwing
  • Screen was not set up on time
  • Inflatable balls
  • Set up of inflatables & cryo jets (issues based on weather)
  • Putting down inflatables
  • Make list for band
  • Non-scented baby powder
  • Specific Powder People
  • Have sign (screen) setup
  • Have Computer setup prior
  • Bring out audience Banner
  • Foam fingers saved for bigger games
  • Beach balls
  • Communication of duties of ASB during game
  • Security in the stands