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15.12.2022 - Ship's purchase: new DEMANDS in
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15.12.2022 - Ship's purchase: new DEMANDS in


Pos. 1) Bulk carrier; abt 120 000 DWT; BLD 10 onwards; purchase only.

Pos. 2) Container carrier; abt5 000 teu; purchase only.

Pos. 3) MPP gen cgo; abt 8 000 DWT; BLD ely 00 onwards; IACS class valid; boxed holds imperative; purchase only.

Pos. 4) MPP tanker; max CBM on max draft 7 M; BLD in late 00; purchase only.

Pos. 5) Bulk carrier PANAMAX size; BLD ely 00; low budget; purchase only.

Pos. 6) IMO tanker; abt 10 000 cbm; BLD ely 00; tanks with STST made; coiled; purchase only.

Pos. 7) OHBS HANDY size; BLD mid 10 onwards; purchase only.

Pos. 8) OHBS; abt 35 000 DWT; BLD arnd 10; cranes; purchase only.

Pos. 9) MR2; BLD mid 00; need for clean traders; pump room + BWTS + valid class; purchase only.

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You are invited to post your classified business offers / demands to and/or; FAX: 0049.40.7964747

Fresh cargoes/charters from: MED/EU, Middle East, Far East, America - available.