Scroll Display <New> - June 4th

Do you have some cool scroll that you’d like to show your fellow attendees?  We have space in our Scribal Playtime room for them!  Share the cool wording, calligraphy, and illumination! (Pittsburgh).  Scrolls can be dropped off starting at 8am on Saturday.  Please pick them up by 12pm on Sunday.

Banners! <Updated> - June 4th

Bring your banners to decorate the main hall (Cranberry III / Cranberry IV).  Please use the material provided by the hotel to hang your banners (available in Cranberry III).  Banners can be hung in Cranberry IV before 9am and from 12pm to 1pm on Saturday.  Banners can be hung in Cranberry III before 4pm on Saturday.  Please remove your banners by noon on Sunday.  Don’t hang your banners on the wall separating Cranberry III and Cranberry IV.

Family Activities

Our Minister of Youth, Lady Aíbell ingen Chernacháin, is planning fun and interesting activities for our youth and for those who are young at heart.  Please join her in the common room on Saturday! (Cranberry III)

Saturday Lunch Break

Lunch break is from 12pm to 1pm on Saturday.  The hotel is providing lunch for us in the common room (Cranberry III / Cranberry IV)

Here is the lunch menu:

War of the Roses Quest <Updated> - June 4th

How much do you know about the heraldry of the people involved in the War of the Roses?  Find out by participating in an heraldic quest at KWHSS created by Maistres Myfanwy ferch Rhiannon, based on the armory and badges of the major participants, both Yorkist and Lancastrian.  Pick up your quest information at troll (Hotel Lobby).  Quest information available starting at 3pm on Friday.  Please return by 4pm on Saturday.

Quiet Room

Need a place to chill for a bit?  We’ll have a quiet room available for you.  It is on the 1st floor close to the Hospitality Suite (Forward).

Saturday Dinner Break

After Court we’ll have a break for dinner.  In addition to the many restaurants in the area, the River City Grille at the hotel has a Prime Rib buffet on Saturday evenings that runs from 5pm to 9pm ($23.95).  The buffet price without the Prime Rib is $19.95.  The regular restaurant menu is also available.

Saturday Evening Entertainment

Please join us at 8:30pm on Saturday, June 9th for performances by the award-winning Debatable Choir and I Genisii, the “Greatest Comedia dell’Arte Troupe in the Known World”!  After a short break, bardic activities until midnight.  (Cranberry III / Cranberry IV)

Scribal Playtime

Have a scroll that you’re working on?  Need some space?  We’ll have tables available for you.  Also a great time to meet other scribes in a practical setting! (Pittsburgh)