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2021 GDD2 Assignment 1
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Assignment 1 GDD2 2021:

Create a 3D Model from a real object

Deadline: 14.04.2021

Your task for assignment 1 of GDD2 2021 is to create a 3D model from a real life object using photogrammetry. This should be preferably a statue or a model you find in Inffeldgasse or a landmark of Graz or something from your surrounds. Photogrammetry [0] is a technique that enables us to create 3D models based on photos of the object (usually a lot of photos).

The used software can be freely chosen, most of the commercial packages feature trial versions which you can use for this task. Here’s a list of software we can recommend:

Since you’re supposed to take photos, a camera will also be needed. Luckily everything ranging from a DSLR to a smartphone camera works pretty well. However, we recommend the use of a DSLR camera. These articles compile a lot of useful advice on how to take great photos for photogrammetry: [5 - 7]

Most of the time photogrammetry creates very dense models, which aren’t very performant in a realtime/gaming/vr environment, so it is best practice optimizing the 3D models before using them in games. Depending on which software you decide to use you can either take a look at the built-in optimization tools (if applicable) or use external tools like MeshLab [8] or Blender [9] for optimization.