The Candleking

World of Warcraft/Hearthstone

Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Tucked away within the caves of Highmountain rules a tiny but ferocious leader known as the Candleking. Ruling over his fellow kobolds with his mighty horned helm, he has the grandest collection of lit candles any kobold has ever dared dream to possess.

Jeff’s Choices




        The Candleking

Trait- “Shine the Light”

The fantasy with this Candleking build is that he is a specialist that uses unique abilities to help his team in unique ways. When this trait is activated the Candleking can remove the candle from his head and place it on the battlefield granting vision for his team. This candle cannot be destroyed by the enemy, and in order for it to be moved the Candleking player must pick it up and place it in a different location.

Mount- Runaway mine cart.

Q- “Stolen Trinkets”

This ability has 2 different uses. When used on a minion or mercenary camp the candleking will toss a candle on the head of the target- this will give them a damage and heal increase. This effect persists for the duration of the unit. If used on an enemy hero they will also receive a candle on the top of their head- blinding them for a short amount of time.

W- “Enslave”

This ability also has 2 different uses. When used on a minion or mercenary camp it will make the targeted unit become friendly and help the candleking attack others in the area. This ability lasts for a short amount of time before the unit will return to the enemy side. If this is used on an enemy hero they will deal less damage to the candleking player for a short amount of time.

E- “Skull of Bossing Around”

The Candleking tosses a skull helm at a target and for a short amount of time they cannot deal damage to the Candleking. This can also be placed on all mercenary and boss camps in the match with the same effect.

Heroic 1- “Bluewax

When this heroic is selected the candleking can now place candles on structures. Friendly structures will have allied harpies fly around them attacking any enemy that attempts to damage the structure. If placed on an enemy structure it will grant the friendly team vision all around the area for a good length of time.

Heroic 2- “Notoriously Cowardly”

The Candleking player selects a large area of the battlefield and all allies that are in this area gain a shield and  immediately retreat toward the friendly core. This ability ignores stuns and roots allowing the friendly team to escape a sticky situation.

Specialty Skin: Short Round from Indiana Jones OR Peter Pettigrew

Dance: 7 Dwarfs Mine dance

Kristen’s Choices

Set Fire to the Game


        The Candleking





Covered in candles to ward off the dangers of the dark, the Candleking has the largest sight radius in the game - double that of any other Hero. He can even peer into bushes and vents without needing to step inside.



Much like the treasure goblin mount, the Candleking rides proudly atop the shoulders of one of his lessers.


Wax On

Taking a candle, the Candleking chucks it forward. After it reaches the intended location, it explodes, shooting hot wax everywhere. Any enemy hit with the wax is severely slowed for a few seconds as the wax hardens. Once hardened, the wax can be broken and normal movement is regained.


Revolving Cuts

The Candleking jumps on his intended target, focusing a flurry of blows on them as he is allowed to pivot around the intended target, creating body blocks and otherwise spurring on movement mayhem.


        All Candles My Candles

When the Candleking takes damage, the lights on his carried candles go out. This simple act triggers his final non-heroic. When set off, Candleking can choose to activate this ability, a pulsing AOE of shadow damage that does more damage the closer one is to the Candleking. The more candles that are out, the more damage this does.


The Maw Must Feed

Oenia’s skull is hungry since her soul cannot rest, allowing it to be activated with this passive Heroic. When chosen, the skull helm now gives the king a permanent percent increase to his damage. Nearby minion and mercenary deaths add a smaller percent increase.


        You... No… Take… Candle...

Extinguishing his own life, the Candleking gives his own to bring forth the Devouring Darkness. An evil creature of shadow, it is able to inflict and take high amounts of damage. When summoned, the player gains three new abilities: Shadow Bolt, Looming Shadows (an area burst), and Demonic Strikes (a friendly buff that gives a fellow Hero more damage and automatically spawns Shadowflame Imps when they attack with abilities).


        The Bambiking

                Turns out Bambi’s head makes a great trophy.



        Dog Booty Dance

It looks like he has a hard to reach scratch.