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77.44 Gandhi
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77.44 Gandhi

951. We think that you should FORGET about Amazon/Shopify…

Forget about creating your own website, Dropshipping or running Facebook ads

Forget about building a list or creating your own product.


953. Some notes on a revised 77:

1. I have to knock my actions down to two items:

        a. reversing diabetes

        b. 3,000+ words per day

2. Nothing else really matters.  Reversing diabetes depends on diet, exercise, and meds in combination.  They don’t work all that well individually.

3. “Women’s waist size burgeoned from 27.5 inches in 1957 to 34 inches in 2017.  The average size clothing for a woman today is size 14 versus size 10 in 1957.  Add high fructose corn syrup to the equation beginning in the late 1970s which spawned an outbreak of vaginal yeast infections in women, and still nobody paid attention.

954. This is kind of amazing when you look at old Perry Mason episodes and see beautiful women who were more full figured than the average actress today.

955. “Dr. Derrick Lonsdale calls this high calorie malnutrition.  Refined sugars and carbohydrates along with alcohol block the absorption of vitamin B1.  Thiamin blocks all of the harmful effects of diabetes that induce problems in kidneys (nephropathy), heart (cardiomyopathy), retina (retinopathy), and peripheral nerves (neuropathy).  It is not uncommon for diabetics to be placed on acid blockers for heartburn which due to lack of stomach acid worsens the above problems.  Diabetics should be prescribed vitamin B1 across the board.  Few are.  Where is the news media to report this?

956. Radicalization is the scourge of our time. Ordinary people who share enormous amounts in common are being turned against each other. People who are polite and friendly and would help a stranger change a tire on a rainy night on the side of the road are being turned into weapons in a war that helps no one but advertisers and trolls and power-hungry populists.



959. “No, the current wave of extreme progressivism has a far more nefarious goal than simply higher taxes on the super-rich or carbon taxes to scrub down the environment.  Indeed, the long-run objective of the new socialists and the gang of social justice warriors (SJW) is to gradually delegitimize the very foundations of modern capitalism by obliterating conventional notions of property rights, fairness and justice.  If this sounds far-fetched you have not really been paying attention.

960. My goals are way too outrageous and need to be replaced by systems.  For 77 days - which looks like it’s going to stretch into 2 gongs and go for close to 6 months - is my most ambitious project since I studied for the Foreign Service Exam and later the Bar Exam.  

        1. 3,000+ words per day

        2. Master content marketing.

        3. Master Clickbank and Maxbounty.

        4. Write 5 major ebooks for IBM* and 1 clickbait pdf.

961. “Individual tolerance of one another without force of agreement is enough to promote a harmonious outcome between people. Differences in beliefs do not require hatred. No one should have to agree with or accept the beliefs of others, and no aggression is necessary given that individuals simply get along regardless of their differences. This all boils down to initial mutual respect without expectation or demand for conformance. Mind your own business, and leave others to mind theirs.

962. So many socialist/communist professors are hell bent on destroying corporations.  They miss the point.  Corporations will rule until individuals form their own corporations en masse and give themselves all of the advantages that big companies now enjoy.  Once the peons take back their lives, the politicians will find a way to take away those advantages.

963. What are my ebooks to write over the next 2 gongs:

1. Who are the IBMs*? (free?)

2. Radical Stoic Vegans

3. Walkabout Solopreneurs

4. IBMs* and MOBs*

5. Go MOH*

6. Going Gandhi

7. The IBM* Manifesto

964. I have to decide if I need to redo the chklines as sqribble ebooks.

965. “An International Man lives and does business wherever he finds conditions most advantageous, regardless of arbitrary borders. He’s diversified globally, with passports from multiple countries, assets in several jurisdictions, and his residence in yet another. He doesn’t depend absolutely on any country and regards all of them as competitors for his capital and expertise.” ~ Doug Casey

966. I am having trouble keeping calm when dealing with my mother’s dementia.  The only answer is to spend time in the bedroom away from her repeated stupid comments.

967. During the time I am writing my IBM* books, start putting together bonus pages to offer to buyers.  I want the CB funnel to be a no-brainer.

968. Henry Ford has a great quote that your only real security in life is the people that you know and the skills that you have.  This is the essence of Walkabout Solopreneur.  Besides an online side hustle, you have to develop some physical skills you can trade with others during a crisis.

969. I bought some more stuff from WebBizExecutive.  These guys specialize in dirt cheap little IM trainings with MRR.

You can find everything they sell online, but for the price (usually $2 to $5), it’s an organized time saver that helps me build out my blogs.

The really important part is their business model which I have to capture for use with ChkLines.  This is killer.

They sell no brainer cheap IM training and tools.  Some even come with a money back guarantee.  So now, they build a mailing list not only for free but at a small profit.

I believe if I can duplicate this, ChkLines will fly.

There is so much to do, recover, and update.  I like their short blasts.  All I need to do now is resell these things also.

I need to add to my daily rituals and to put them in place religiously.  This will entail an early rise and going to the gym in the morning.  I can’t put it off any longer.

970. One week into my experiment in freedom, and I am on track.  I eat only real food.  I’m feeling better but not yet exercising enough.  I will have my niece’s bloodhound this weekend for dog sitting.  When she comes here, that means I will do plenty of walking with this undisciplined beast, so both my legs and back will be worked out.

971. I was reviewing the book The One (978-1-885167-77-4) yesterday and took some notes:

When it comes to my 77 day push to reboot my introvert boomer male ass, I have been going too broad.  My desire for being a perpetual traveler again has lead me to set up a to-do list that will sabotage my efforts.

The One reminds me to focus on only one goal.  For me to have the money to travel and to fix lingering health issues (like major dental work), I need to develop the side hustle - affiliate marketing - first.

The one goal for me is writing 3,000+ words per day of original content on any subject.  While I plan to create my own ebooks in the future, that can wait and consist of small posts and articles that are assembled, edited, and cleaned up for Kindle publishing.


This volume of content will give me extensive exposure online, and provide the base for articles, posts, ebooks, audio, and video.  And it’s doable, even if it takes all day to get off my ass and get it done.

I work at home, and I have no excuses, even if I have to work from midnight to 6:00 a.m. to avoid other people in the house from bothering me.

If I have 3,000 words of raw content per day - even rants like this - I will have virtually unlimited content to post online.  3,000 words will help me create that full-time online income/side hustle that will pay for travel, healthcare, and looking for my next ex-wife abroad.  Keep it all in the corporation.

Anything beyond writing, like creating and sharing videos, will come after the 3,000 words.  It’s not like I don’t have the time.  I do.  I waste too much time watching television.

I have diluted my focus.  It’s time to go small and be a writer first.  We all have a tendency to want instant grits, a quick weight loss diet.  Each step I take to build my affiliate marketing business is necessary sequentially.  There is no multitasking.

Life is too short to chase unicorns.

972. I’ve been cracking my knuckles for 50 years.  One researcher cracked the knuckles of one hand for 60 years but not the other, and found no discernible difference in the amount of arthritis between the two of them.  Seems like a long experiment, or the researcher was a slow learner.

973. I am becoming more concerned and interested in IBM fitness, nutrition, and health.  I can’t be worried about getting heart disease or cancer, but I can eat right and exercise to make it less likely to happen.

974. After Fourth of July, I am reminded that the Virginia House of Delegates, originally the House of Burgesses, is the oldest continuously sitting legislative body in the world.  Cromwell dissolved Parliment in the 1650s.

975. I will begin my outline today for IBMs and MOBs.  This will be book 2 for the IBM site.  I will create a first ebook called IBMs - We’re Not Done Yet.  This book will be given away to anyone who joins the group.

The outline for IBMs and MOBs will be done in a separate file and inserted here before posting the daily pdf.  I have a domain name for that one I may need to renew.

Here are some actions I would like to add to my Gong this week:

  1. get my room clean
  2. clean the bathroom
  3. buy a carpet cleaner and get working

976. I don’t have much stuff by design.  I hate maintenance.  That’s why I don’t understand backyard pools.  For all the work you have to put in, and all the expense, I would rather go to the beach.

If you need a water in your yard, build a koi pond and contemplate life.

Exercise does not seem to be keeping my blood sugar in check the way it used to.  Walking, at least.  My body may be telling me that it’s time for weightlifting and bodybuilding.  It could just be that my blood sugar numbers are more in check than they used to be, and any gains are now hard to come by.

WS will give me a chance to develop the skills I need to survive the next few years.  It’s a combination of learning as many practical skills as I can for when the SHTF and getting physically fit enough to use them.

I am reading a long article on Hemingway -

I had forgotten how much of his life should be copied by IBMs today.

Hemingway believe in living a T shaped life - broad in many areas but deep in one.

977. One day before Korean War Day, and one day before my Gong begins.  I am getting better on working more and watching TV less, but tomorrow begins some principles and rituals that will make or break me.

I want to start the day with morning pages/snot pages/stormin’.  Each day, I have to knock out 1,000+ words of original content semi-stream-of-consciousness.  This is the base that will give me some sense of sanity.

The Artist’s Way

The real goal is 3,000 words a day total, but the first 1,000 are a nod to Julia Cameron.  I used to write more when I followed her plan.

I am going in reverse though.  She recommended 3 pages written in longhand.  The only time I have to myself is the early morning hours before everyone else wakes up.  I will use the early morning to do this digitally.

As I go through the first day on my Gong as the first leg of my Walkabout Solopreneur system, I will be traveling light.  To get to 3,000 words, I will be writing in notebooks around town and posting the articles later at night.

I don’t want to carry the laptop, especially to the beach.

The reason I must get out of the house is to remove all distractions and the needs of others from my mornings.  On days when my mother’s health care worker is here, I can be out of the house and stay away until 3 p.m.  No matter what the day, I am usually good until 9 a.m.

What my walkabout each day helps me do:

I live in Florida but am as pasty as residents of Maine.

Absolute Principles:

  1. Control Diabetes
  2. 1,000+ Words A Day
  3. No TV

All of the other things I must do support these 3 objectives.  Of course, not watching TV even after football season begins will be a challenge, but one that I must accomplish.

To control or even reverse diabetes, I have to:

The Big Diabetes Lie

Of all of my main goals, none is more important than killing TV.  For me it means:

The most difficult aspect of this will be staying humble when I succeed.  If I am not watching TV, eating a perfect diet, and flooding the web with original content, I should be making enough money to begin my iPT life.

One of the benefits of a vegan diet is that I am less hungry than before.  I will include vegan protein shakes in my diet for extra calories and nutrition.

When my diabetes is under control, I will look at switching to organic produce.  I’m not totally convinced it’s that much better, but if I have the money, that’s a good place to spend it.

Unfortunately, I will need to see a doctor before I go.  I believe my hormone levels are out of whack.  I do have some mild Peyronie’s disease that I need to correct, but without surgery or injections.

I need my sexual health to be as good as possible before I begin tackling those stunning 40 something beauties in the Ukraine and China.

Embarrassing.  Not something I share with friends, but it’s okay to share with the world.

One troubling aspect of my life is my brain dredging up bad acts of the past - mine and those done against me.  All we get is one day at a time - if we are lucky.  I don’t want to waste any time reliving past wrongs I can’t correct.

It sounds cold, but so much of life has been about others trying to tell you what to do, how to think, and what to believe.  No more.

When I die, I don’t give a shit if I have a funeral or not.  I could be happy with cremation and scattering my ashes in a Thai bathhouse.  Damn.  I may put that in my will.

I have not been wearing my sunglasses and hat at the beach.  Stupid.  I know it’s early in the morning and the sun is not bright, but my eyes have damage already (scarring in the macular area) and may be damaged further from diabetes.

As always, diabetes causes everything.

The problem with diabetes is that until it is in an advanced stage, it doesn’t hurt.  Then all of a sudden you start to get tingling in your feet, and maybe a bit of diabetic neuropathy.  

It can’t be reversed.  All you can do is eat right and exercise and hope it doesn’t get worse.

I’ve been living my whole life on Someday Isle.  Now is the time.  I need to prove to myself that I can have the self-discipline to knock out 3,000 words a day, create killer valuable content for my blogs, and write the books that will support my travels.

978. Channeling Papa

I read a long article yesterday reviewing the life of Ernest Hemingway -

As a teenager, I remember the first novel I read cover to cover was A Farewell to Arms.  I followed it up with For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea.

Papa Hemingway served as a role model for many young men.  Some parents were already starting to soften up after World War II and maybe didn’t want us going down that macho path.

But after reading the article, I was reminded of what made Hemingway a giant among men of letters.

Was Papa the perfect IBM (Introvert Boomer Male)?  I’m not sure.

Even though you might think differently, he was not a publicity hound.  He was so active in so many fields that some publicity was inevitable.

Here are some of my takeaways:

I had heard this before, but he wrote only 600 - 1,000 words a day, and would rise before sunup and work up to 7 hours to get those words right.  

I have been trying to pump out thousands in this Internet age of shit content.

I am officially adjusting my 100 Day Gong to only write 600+ words of superior content a day.  There will still be much more, but that 600 is the key to quality sites.

Hemingway loved words.  He would agonize over each phrase.  One of his habits I did not know that I do is working at a standing desk.

I do it to rest my prostate and maybe even lengthen my life.  We sit too much.  Back in his day, he had no TV, and was one of the most active individuals who ever lived even after getting fragged and shot up in WWI.

~ Chaz Lamm