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Safety, Health & Environmental Consultants - Accident Investigation Service

Podojil & Associates, Incorporated subject matter experts investigate accidents, injuries and near misses in the workplace. The situations we investigate internally for organizations are intended to identify why the incident occurred and the steps to take to prevent similar situations occurring in the future.

The reports we prepare for the legal practitioner can assist in establishing negligence or defending a negligence action.

Investigative Support

In investigating incidents internally for organizations and outside counsel, we identify the factors that contributed to the incident and detail control measures needed to prevent a recurrence.

Our analysis identifies the range of factors that contributed to the incident; the types of factors we examine are:

Person factors - training, experience, activities, supervision, etc.

Equipment factors - suitability, condition, design, maintenance, etc.

Environmental factors - weather, work conditions, temperature, lighting, etc.

Procedural factors - instructions, work practices, systems of work, etc.

We also train management, safety, health & environmental professionals, safety, committees and others within the organization on how to investigate accidents and incidents objectively to reduce the possibility of similar incidents reoccurring.

Expert Witness Reports

We investigate a range of injuries for both Defendant and Plaintiff matters in regard to personal injury. The reports we prepare have been used in establishing liability or helping bring the matters to settlement.

As an Expert Witness our lead consultant John F. Podojil has over 45 years of direct experience in this area. The matters that he has prepared reports cover a wide range of injuries, both at work and in public places:

Manual material handling injuries

Machine safeguarding accidents

Slips / trips / falls on surfaces and stairs

Inhalation of hazardous fumes

Violent attacks at work

Repetitive strain injuries (referred  to as Occupational Overuse Syndrome)

Falls from heights


Construction Accidents

Entrapment in machinery

Injuries in high school and technical education classrooms

Struck-by tools and equipment

Struck by falling merchandise in retail stores

Failure to provide standards of care

Wrongful death cases

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Expert testimony highly regarded by attorneys, judges, and juries in commercial and personal injury cases.

At Podojil & Associates, Inc. We have taught OSHA Investigators how to conduct effective accident investigations.

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