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*Drie Fonteinen

“Speling van het Lot” (Twist of Fate)

Drie Fonteinen is a world-renowned Lambic Brewery founded in 1887 in Beersel, Belgium. We are honored 3F offered us these specialty Lambics that showcase the creativity of their new passionate team who are exploring within the traditional Lambic boundaries. The SP Cellar is among 55 places worldwide (27 in the U.S.) that received these.

*3F SvhL I.II: Nocturne Het Uur Van de Wolf (The Hour of the Wolf)  (n°47 Season ‘16 | ‘17)

Brewed according the the lambik process but with no wheat, and with a large variety of malts instead of pale malts only. It was then aged in barrels for more than 30 months.

7.4% ABV | 750mL | $125

*3F SvhL V.II: Ferme Framboos Blended & Alive

Whole organic raspberries were macerated on one-year old lambik for more than 9 months then backblended with young lambik and organic honey prior to bottling.

6.3% | 750mL | $135

*3F SvhL VII.XI: Zotte Kadeeën Cassis - Blended & Alive

(n°87 Season ‘17 | ‘18)

This Cassis Lambik is the result of a maceration of Blackcurrants for five and a half months before being blended with a young Lambik for a final fruit intensity of 268 grams per liter

6.5% ABV | 750mL | $100

*3F SvhL X.VIII: Druif: Johanniter (n°19 Season ‘19 | ‘20)

Johanniter Grapes (derived from Riesling) were harvested, destemmed and put on a young lambic from two different brews. They macerated for three and a half months on an ex-bordeaux barrel before being bottled straight from the barrel. No lambik was added to the blend. The final fruit intensity is 610 grams per litre.

8.1% ABV | 750mL | $80

3F Druif Dornfelder (n°27 Season ‘20 | ‘21)

Freshly pressed and shortly skin-macerated Dornfelder juice was blended with one- and two- year old lambik for continued fermentation stainless steel. Afterwards, it was blended with a two-year old lambik. The final fruit intensity is 31.6%

7.7% | 750mL | $90

3F Golden Blend

A golden blend with a two-year and four-year old lambik. This blend consists of lambikken of seven different brews and four different barrels. Aged in oak and unfiltered.

7.5% | 375mL | $50

3F Hommage Oogst (n°71 Season ‘19 | ‘20)

A co-maceration of raspberries and sour cherries was blended with a small batch of pure frambozenlambik. Finally, this was blended with a sizable portion of two-year old lambik, brewed in the beginning of 2018. The final fruit intensity is 493 grams of whole fruits per liter

6.7% | 375mL | $40

3F Oude Geuze (n°42 Season ‘17 | ‘18)

A blend of one-, two-, and three-year old lambics

6.0% | 375mL | $35

3F Oude Kriek Intens Rood (n°79 Season ‘19 | ‘20)

Sour cherries were macerated partly on young peated lambik and partly on two-year old straight lambik in a stainless steel tank. It was then blended with young and three-year old lambik. 55% of the blend is old lambik and the final fruit intensity is 567 grams of sour cherries per liter

7.1% | 750mL | $75

3F Perzik Geel  (n°14 Season ‘21 | ‘22)

A blend of 2- and 3-year old lambik with yellow peaches from Northern Spain. Maceration took almost 5 months. The final fruit intensity is 384 grams per litre

6.7% | 750mL | $75

3F Pruim Belle De Louvain (n°17 Season ‘20 | ‘21)

Whole plums macerated for four months on blended lambic originating from six different barrels and thirteen different brews.

7.7% | 750mL | $75

3F Rabarber Kriek 

(n°95 Season ‘20 | ‘21)

A blend of kriekenlambik and a rabarberlambik macerated on 355 grams per litre of young sour cherries and rhubarb

6.2% | 750mL | $70

3F Schaarbeekse Kriek - Oogst 2020

 (n°61 Season ‘20 | ‘21)

Macerated for a full 12 months. Used locally grown and hand-picked Schaarbeekse sour cherries and lambikken originating from different barrels and 9 different brews both young and 2-year lambikken

750mL | $100

3F Tuverbol 2021

Blend of Loterbol Blond & Drie Fonteinen lambik. Spontaneous refermentation in the bottle

375mL | $25

3F Wijnbergperzik (n°24 Season ‘21 | ‘22)

Vineyard Peaches were macerated on two & three year old lambikken for four months before blending with more two-year old lambikken. The final fruit intensity is 362 grams of peaches per litre of finished Wijnbergperzik

6.5% | 750mL | $80

3F Zenne y Frontera (n°53 Season ‘20 | ‘21)

Blended lambic aged in 7 different sherry barrels; 3 Amontillado barrels, 2 Oloroso barrels and 2 Palo Cortado barrels

8.6% | 750mL | $110

3F Zenne y Frontera (n°66 Season ‘20 | ‘21)

A blend of sherry lambic aged for one, two and three years on Oloroso, Fino and Amontillado barrels

8.5% | 750mL | $110

De Cam Gueuze

Blend of Oak-Fermented Foeder-aged Lambiek of 1,2 and 3 years. Not filtered or pasteurized. Spontaneous refermentation.

6.5% | 375mL | $26

De Cam Lambic

This 3 year old Lambic is 1 barrel selected for its character and complexity. Not filtered or pasteurized. Spontaneous refermentation, chilled in an open traditional Coolship, brewed only on the coldest days so the Brettanomyces takes control and creates exceptional flavors.

5.0% | 375mL | $24

De Cort Wild Adam

Cider Lambic

A Lambic Beer and an Apple Cider were spontaneously fermented separately before being blended in a big cask for over a year. The blend was then bottled and cellared for two years

6.5% | 750mL | $35

De Ranke Cuvée De Ranke 2017

A 70/30 blend of a beer brewed with Rodenbach yeast and aged Girardin Lambic

750mL | $45

De Ranke Mirakel Spierelambic 2018

A blend of one-, two- and three-year-old Lambic. The blend contains Lambics made by traditional producers of the Senne Valley and  De Ranke Spierelambic, named for the tiny river near the brewery

750mL | $40

Het Boerenerf Framboos 2022

Blend of young & old Lambic with maceration of Raspberry. The Raspberries are from the fruit farm De Daalkouter. The fruit is blended with lambic, then macerated for 3 months. Fermented, aged & bottled on the farm.

7.0% | 705mL | $70

Het Boerenerf Kweepeer 2022

Blend of young & old lambic with quince wine. Three varieties sourced from two local farmers. The fruits were hand-picked from the orchards. The fruit is pressed and spontaneously ferments in a lambic barrel. Fermented, aged & bottled on the farm.

7.0% | 750mL | $70

Tilquin Oude Quetsche à l’Ancienne (Season ‘17|’18)

Blended 1, 2 & 3-year-old Belgian Lambic fermented with Plums..The final fruit intensity is 250 grams of Blackberries per liter

6.4% | 375mL | $35

Tilquin Stout Rullquin 2017

A blend of 7/8 of Rulles Brune (Stout de Gaume) and 1/8 of a blend of one-year-old Lambic, matured for 8 months in oak barrels

750mL | $50