Senior Ads: Parent Pack


Purchase Deadline: October 27th

Refund Deadline: November 10th

Content Deadline: January 12, 2018

Pricing for Senior Ads: $200 with ASB Card/ $225 without

How to Create Your Senior Ad

STEP 1: ​Judging by the number and shape of the photos you select, choose one of our ten

pre-made layouts or choose to make the whole ad on your own.

If you are designing your own ad, the ad space is 8 1/6 inches wide by 5 inches high or any

ratio of that. (Pica Dimensions: 49p0 wide by 30p high, Points or Pixels: 588 by 360). Please

make sure to use these dimensions.

STEP 2:​ Decide if you are going to submit digital or paper images. Please make sure that all

digital images are in the highest resolution available​. Print publications, such as yearbook,

require high resolution images.

Do NOT download photos from social media as they are very low resolution and we will NOT

use them.

STEP 3: ​Write out any text that you wish to include in the ad. You may write less than the

character count that applies to your ad, but NOT more. If there is no space for text on the

template you choose, we cannot include it in the ad.

Note: Character count includes letters, punctuation, and spacing, not individual words.

CHARACTER REQUIREMENTS: * Templates are at the end of packet

Template 1: 410                                 Template 6: 454

Template 2: 1026                               Template 7: 318

Template 3: 535                                 Template 8: 402

Template 4: 541                                 Template 9: 299

Template 5: 699                                 Template 10: 444

Creating the Ad Yourself: 

1. Please email the completed ad to us at We can accept any Adobe format, but we will not be able to use documents created on Pages or PDF documents so please do not send them. You MUST include your child’s name in the ad, we will not do it for you.

How do I Submit the Ad?

If you are submitting digital images or a self-designed ad...

  1. Include all the photos you want used in the ad in one email and send it to If you self-designed an ad, please submit it by email as well.

  1. The subject of the email should follow this format: Senior Ads – Student’s First & Last name. (ex: Senior Ads – George Washington)
  2. Any text that you wish to include in the ad must be in the body of the email. Please title that part of the email “first & last name – text.” Also, you MUST include your child’s name in the ad if you are creating your own.
  3. In the email, be sure to indicate which photo corresponds to what box you want in it based on your chosen template (ex: Beach baby picture-2, Family picture-5, etc.)
  4. If you wish to slightly customize the template (ex: taking out a photo box, making one larger or smaller, etc.) please email your concerns in the email and we will try to accommodate your requests.
  5. Digital pictures must be in JPG or TIFF format.


  1. Place all items in a 9x12 manila envelope with your student’s first and last name and ID

number written legibly on the front. You have three options on how you would like to deliver it to us:

  1. Deliver it to Jennifer Travasos’s box in the administration office at CCA
  2. Deliver it to the yearbook room F206
  3. Mail it to Jennifer Travasos at Canyon Crest Academy (5951 Village Center Loop Road, San Diego, CA 92130)
  1. Be sure to include all photos AND a typed note with any text that you wish to be included in the ad. On the back of each photo, write your student’s first and last name and indicate which box you would like it to go in, in regards to your chosen template. (ex: If you would like a picture to go in box 4, write “John Smith – Picture 4” on the back)

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting pictures and text electronically makes things run more efficiently

and you will not have to pick anything up when the ads are finished. It is you and your child’s

responsibility to pick up your photos after spring break if you dropped them off. We

recommend you use one of our templates, but you are welcome to create your own as well. If

you have any questions, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pictures should I put in the ad?

You need to include as many pictures as the template you select requires. If you give us more

pictures that the template contains, we will have to use our best judgment to decide which

picture not to include.

If I am designing my own ad, how many pictures can I include?

It is up to you how many pictures you would like to use. However, beware that the ad may end

up looking messy or the photos may be too small to see if there are too many. More pictures =

smaller pictures.

Do I need to reduce or enlarge the pictures I am giving you?

No, you do not need to. Our senior ads editors will take care of that for you. Please be sure to

submit HIGH QUALITY images. No pictured downloaded from Facebook or any social media

websites will be used. If you send from a smartphone, be sure to send the highest resolution


Can I use black and white pictures?

All senior ads are printed in color. If you would like to include black and white pictures in the

ad, you must change them to black and white yourself before sending us the pictures.

Can I use a piece of artwork in my ad?

Due to copyright laws, only original artwork can be reprinted. If you use a copyrighted image,

(such as a Nike symbol, famous artwork, Mickey Mouse, etc.) we will not be able to print it.

If I submit physical pictures, when will my pictures be returned?

Students can come to the yearbook room F206 any time after Spring Break to pick up their

pictures. If photos are not picked up by the end of the year, they will be discarded.

Can I see a proof of my ad?

Yes, we can provide digital proofs for an additional $10. If you would like to see a proof before

the ad is in the yearbook, you may purchase a proof on the ORDERING INFORMATION page and

we will email the proof to you.

After I submit my ad, can I substitute a picture at a later date?

Changes may be made to your ad before the final deadline (November 24th). After that

deadline, changes can only be made if you purchased a proof of your ad.

I’m still waiting for senior pictures to come in. What do I do?

You can contact the photographer and ask them for a proof copy that you can submit for senior

ads. If you really would like the senior picture in the ad, but it won’t be available until after the

submission deadline, you can purchase a proof for your ad ($10) and submit a placeholder

photo to us by the first deadline. Then, once you get your senior pictures, you can send it to us

and we will replace the placeholder photo.

Can I purchase an ad for a group of people?

Yes. You may purchase an ad for groups of people (ex: groups of friends, sports teams, etc.). We

will bill only one person, so the group must organize finances accordingly. When purchasing a

group ad, please specify the order in which you wish the names to appear on the heading,

which can be done on the ORDERING INFORMATION page. We will not make headings with

special sayings (ex: “Friend’s Forever”, “JD, PK, RG”, etc.). The heading will only list full names

given to us. Senior ads for sports teams (ex: Girl’s Varsity Volleyball, Track and Field) will be

titled by sport in alphabetical order.

Can I purchase an ad for siblings?

​Yes. One ad can be purchased for twins/siblings graduating in the same class. All names of the

siblings will appear on the ad.

What name should I put on my child’s ad?

Your child’s first and last name must be included on the ad, regardless of whether you use a

nickname or a shortened name. You may include a middle name, but it is optional. It is your

decision if you want to use the legal or a shortened nickname that your child goes by (ex:

Theodore Brown vs. Ted Brown – both are acceptable). Whether you are only submitting

pictures to be put in a template or making your ad completely on your own, you do not need to

include your child’s name in large letters anywhere on the ad. All Senior ads will automatically

include the student’s name at the top of their ad on the page, UNLESS you are creating your

own ad, then you MUST include your child’s name.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept personal checks, cards, and cash. Checks should be made out to CCA ASB. Credit

card payments must be made through the ASB Webstore. If writing a check, please write your

student’s first and last name and school ID number on the memo line to help us credit your

account properly. Cash and check payments must be turned into the CCA Finance Office

October 27th.

Senior Portraits:

If you have not booked your senior portrait yet, click the link below to book it:

Ordering Information

Name to appear on ad*:

Name of person responsible for billing:



Number of pictures enclosed (if applicable):

Please check the appropriate box on how you will submit your ad:

I will submit via email _____

I will submit to Mrs. Travasos’s mailbox (Room F206) with all materials (including all pictures and text) _____

Select which template you would like:

__Template 1

__Template 2

__Template 3

__Template 4

__Template 5

__Template 6

__Template 7

__Template 8

__Template 9

__Template 10

__I will make my own ad

Would you like a proof of your ad ($10 more)? ____ Yes     _____ No

If yes, please provide us with an active email:

Note: The deadline for payment is October 24th and the deadline for content is November


Deadline for refunds is no later than November 10th.

*If you are submitting a group ad, place the names in the order you would like them to appear


the ad.