Staff of Life

If you Reach the Center of the Galaxy, "The Voice" will give you the Staff of Life. It gives you the ability to instantly terraform any planet to Terra 3 inhabitable world.

Submitted by: JD4269

Domesticated Friends on Tribal Stage

As you play through the Creature stage, make sure you have members of other tribes in your pack. Then when you finish that stage and advance to the Tribal stage that follows, those pack members will appear in your tribe's pen as domesticated animals.

Change Planet and Star Names

In the Space Stage, go to a solar system that's not yours (or another save game's) and press CTRL+SHIFT+C. You may rename everything in your own system BUT your homeworld. Enter these codes to change names:

View the Cheat List

Press ctrl+shift+C to access the cheats menu, then type in "help" (no quotes) to view a handy list of cheats.


At the game’s main start screen, spin the galaxy you see there. If done properly and fast enough, you’ll see the faces of the Spore development team.

Cheat List

Insert the cheats listed below on the left for the desired result. The cheat console is opened by holding Ctrl+Shift+C (simultaneously). Keep in mind that some cheats will only work during some phases (or in some menus) of the game.