MS WEEK AT A GLANCE: Sep 24 - Oct 5

Lunch Rotation: 6,7

Our Mission

AES provides a balanced education defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.

This Week in the MS:

Monday September 24

Day 2 5678

Tuesday, September 25

Day 3 2341

  • Lead Teacher Meeting 7:15-8:15 MSMPR
  • ET 11:15-12:15
  • Grade 7 SST 12:20-1:00, MSCR
  • Director Townhall, 4:30PM, HOP

Wednesday, September 26

Day 4 6785

  • MS Assembly 9:45, HOP
  • Light Meal for teachers, 3:45PM, Staff Canteen
  • Parent Teacher Conferences, Gym 4:30pm-7:30pm

Thursday, September 27

No School for MS students

  • Red Moon Breakfast, 7:45am, PE office
  • Parent Teacher conferences 8:30-4:00
  • Lunch,12:00-1:00, MS cafeteria

Friday, September 28

No school for MS students

  • Breakfast for teachers, 7:30 AM, PE Office
  • Parent Teacher conferences,Gym



Oct 1                No School - AES Holiday

Oct 2                No School - Gandhi’s Birthday

Oct 3                Director’s Coffee, 8:30 AM, BCR

                PSA Meeting, 9:00-10:30 Am, BCR

Oct 4                PSA Air Quality Mela, 2:00-5:00 PM, HOP

Oct 5                MESAC Friday Night Lights, 4:00 PM

Oct 6                Fall Fiesta, 6:00 PM, Tiger Turf

Oct 8                ASIAC Send-Off Assembly, 10:00AM

                MS WOW Mela, 3:00-5:00 PM, HOP

Oct 9                Students stay home - Online instruction

Oct 11-14        ASIAC Soccer, American International School, Chennai

Oct 13                Celebrate Diwali - Festival of Lights, 6:30-10:00 PM, MS Field

Oct 15                MS/HS Dance Recital, Theater

Oct 16                MS Season 2 After School Activities & Athletics begin

                MESAC Season 1 Travel Meeting, 5:00 PM, HOP

Oct 19                No School - Dussehra

Oct 23                MESAC Send-Off Assembly, 10:00 AM

Oct 24-28        MESAC Swimming, Dubai American Academy

                MESAC JV Volleyball (Doha @ ABA)

Oct 25                Board Meeting, 5:00 PM, BCR

Oct 25-28        MESAC ACademic Games, American SChool Dubai

Oct 26                No School for MS Students & Teachers        


MS Parent Teacher Conferences:

VIRTUAL DAY - October 9

We have captured the the minimum expectations and guidelines for teachers, parents and students. This should help your planning leading up to October 9. Unfortunately, the September 26 Early Release virtual day planning will be missed by MS because we’ll be preparing for PTSC’s. Bob and Maureen are willing to support teams as they prepare. Please reach out.


Students need to turn in the completed waiver and information form on Wednesday, September 19 to the MS Office by 5:00pm. In advisory, please help to remind them about this.

On September 13th, Trip Leaders met with parents in the HOP for a coffee session to share some important information about WOW. The same information was shared out in the packets that went home with students from the ET sessions at each grade level. link to WOW Parent Coffee Slides

Class Location Updates to the MS Office (PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE IN EMAIL ADDRESS)

Please send a note to (Anthea, Melissa, Jonathan, Karin, Pooja, Rekha, Deepa & Lalit) if you take your class to a different location.

Helpful Links:

MS Office Site - For everything you need


Here’s What We Know:

Thank you! A big thank you to all of you for such a smooth run of the MAP assessment. We appreciate your attention to detail and your flexibility!

Classwork Page: Happy to report that Google has now allowed people who did not create the new Google Classroom, can now add the Classwork page. Open the Class, Click on the ? in the bottom left and choose to add the classwork page. Thanks Google!

Parent Teacher Conference Prep: Please let us know if you need any help on the run up to Parent Teacher conferences. We are happy to help with blogs, Google presentations etc.

MS Blog!: Please check out the MS Blog. There are some new posts and photos of Peace Week, our library and the first leadership seminar held on Saturday.

Photos: Thanks to all of the teachers who have been sending me photos of things happening in their classroom. I add them to Instagram and I also add them to our Yearbook Photo folder. Thaba and the Yearbook team are always happy to get photos!!

Ask your colleagues about:

Ask Grade 8 Humanities  about the makerspace. Visitor from the Ghandi Ashram visited during their study of simple machines and brought cotton spinners. Awesome!

Ask Tracy and Kim about Adobe Photoshop Sketch. All of the art students are using it and Grade 6 students are loving the ability to draw on their iPads.

Ask Christie about the social entrepreneurship class. The kids were in the makerspace, sewing heating pads made of socks and rice. Better yet, if you are interested in purchasing one, the kids are ready to sell them!

Ask Jonathan, Karin, Caitlin, Kate E and Mark d about the leadership seminar in the makerspace, creating and decorating pots for the Air Quality Mela

Ask Courtney and Jeni about Lesson Planbook edu. It has proven to be a great tool for thos who are co-teaching.

Ask Robert D about assigning students roles, including the media manager who posts and saves photos and videos of what is happening in the classroom.

Ask Kyle about Tinkercad. His students are making maze designs and creating water mazes that are super cool in his makerspace class.

Ask Bob E about the school’s drone. It may a brief appearance at our Peace Day photo on Friday!

Let me know if there is something you would like me to include as I know there is so much more going on!!

Professional Development Opportunities:

Google Summit October 6-7 Mumbai, India

Google Summit October 20-21 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Learning2.0 November 1-3 Tokyo, Japan (please note, this is just before our Fall break!)

Google Summit November 9-10 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Technology Coaching for teachers, December 7-8 Amsterdam

Learning2 Europe, January 25-27, Zurich, Switzerland

Convergence Summit, January 25-26 Bangkok, Thailand

Future of Educational Tech, January 27-30 Orlando, Florida

Makeology Summit, Feb 1-2, 2019 Nairobi, Kenya

Maker Certificate February 24-26 Dubai, UAE

Reading and Writing Tech, March 2-3, 2019 Shekhou, China

21st Century Learning, March 6-9 Hong Kong

EdTech Courses: Here is a series of online classes available on Google, STEM and much more!

Tech Tips:  
 To add emojis anywhere, anytime: CTRL-COMMAND-SPACE. 🧐(Thanks Derwin)

Individual Period Calendars: This is a repeat announcement. Stop by and I can help you add your classes to your calendar!! Here is the link to the csv files that you need and also the presentation for how to import them!! These really help with a rotating block schedule.


Catch your buses!

Coaches and advisors running after school MESAC/ASIAC activities or MS clubs, please make sure students are allowed enough time at the end of their activity to catch their bus rides home. We have had several students miss their bus in the past two weeks. Thanks!


ASA Season 1

Here is the link for the Season 1 brochure.


Banned Books Week(s)

You and your students are invited to participate in Banned Books Week(s) by posing in the library with a frequently challenged book sometime between September 24 and October 5. We’ll add a BBW frame to your digital photo and share it on the Libguides home page.

Coming Soon - Book Fair

Kool Skool will be hosting a MS/HS book fair (with some adult and children’s books thrown in) from October 10 to 12. Please encourage students to buy a paperback to bring on their WoW trip so they have something to read and don’t lose/damage a library book!


MS Parent Teacher Conferences

The MS counselors will be in the gym for much of the time designated for PTCs, and many parents have signed up to meet with their child’s respective counselor. Karin and Jonathan have also blocked some time during PTCs for meetings that might require more time or a more private setting, and these will be held in the counseling office. We will leave a sign on our desk in the gym during the times we will be in sessions in M-102. We appreciate the efforts and commitment on the part of teachers in preparing for and carrying out these important conversations about academic and learning habit progress with students and their parents.


MS Substitute Evaluation Form 1819 Share feedback about a cover teacher in this link throughout the school year.

WOW Chaperone List

Request Form for TT / WAG / SWAG

Please fill this form 24 hrs in advance if you would like to share any announcement to parents / staff / students in our weekly communications that go out.

Assembly Request Form You can use this form to let the MSALT students know what teacher announcements you would like to make. Please share this information before Friday at lunch each week so they have time to plan for the announcements.


Thanks for engaging fully in Peace week! Thanks Courtney for planning the week, Maureen and Bob for the photo.

It’s packed week in the MS with conferences. Fortunately we have a long weekend to rest and relax. Thank you for your continued efforts in supporting students through preparing them for the conversations they can have with you and their parents.  

Communication with parents is key to a successful partnership. With conferences this week please be sure that you have communicated concerns ahead of the conferences. Parents will be more open to solutions if they feel they are prepared for the conversation.

MS PLP Supervision 18-19

We are moving slower into PLP than I had planned. I’ve been getting greater clarity on the goal setting process and areas to set goals in. To assist your planning for the PLP meetings and make the time productive please check this document. It also includes the timeline. Goals should be submitted by October 3. Goals should be aligned to the standards and school/department/team initiatives. More details can be found in the document including links to the planning templates.

This year we will divide the PLP responsibilities mostly by department. For some there’ll be some overlap. Please check the document and let Melissa or I know if you see a problem or have a question.


Amanda Scott, September 29