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From the last supper through the early church until today the mass was developed for the purpose of community worship; sharing in the Lord's supper- gaining food for the Christian journey for body and soul; and strengthening each attendee's discipline to submit to God's will. The most fundamental and important community today is the family. It reflects the divine family of the trinity. Within this community the formative gifts of Faith, Hope, and Love, with which each soul is imbued by God, are first revealed, practiced, and pursued.


It is the family attending mass which serves as the building block for the larger Catholic community. As fathers, we are called to lead our community, our family, on it's pilgrimage to heaven. As such we need to be nourished and our family needs to be nourished for the journey. This nourishment comes from the mass.


This week lead your family to nourishment. Demonstrate the priority God holds in the nourishment of your life by leading your family to mass on Sunday. If possible, attend one or more weekday masses and bring your family with you. Make the experience one of love and joy. Complete the task by participating fully in the mass, leading your family in song and prayer.