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WAP Covid practice and guidelines
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Our COVID guidelines:

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We are committed to continuing to provide a WAP service which is safe for you and your relatives. We are pleased to announce that all our workers have received both doses of Covid vaccine.

We also take the threat associated with COVID 19 and the new more transmissible variants very seriously and this is why we have revised our COVID guidance. The table below shows what we think the specific risks are and what actions we will take to mitigate such risks:

West Area Project: COVID practice guidelines with risk assessments

Practice whilst at TLC

Hazard observed

Risk rating

Persons at risk


Risk rating if actions observed

Close contact with others especially where members have exemption from wearing face coverings and are health compromised themselves.


Members, staff and public.

Workers will take their own and every members temperature on arrival. If the person’s temperature is over 38C they will be moved to the designated isolation room and asked to return home.

All staff to wear face coverings unless exemption agreed with manager. Staff should avoid touching the face coverings and take responsibility for thorough cleaning each night.

All members to be encouraged to wear face coverings where possible. .A full range of face coverings including shields to be provided by WAP free to members.

Local shopping is to be avoided wherever possible: Therefore members will be asked to bring in food from home for lunch as we will not be accompanying members to local stores to purchase their lunch. If food or refreshments are needed a designated member of staff will shop alone.

 Where members are sneezing, coughing or have a runny nose they will be advised to use a separate tissue each time which will need to be appropriately disposed of.

No physical contact allowed such as handshakes, hugs, pats on the back, etc

Social distancing to be observed to all times.

The TLC markers, rules and traffic flow guidance to be followed at all time. Including only one person using the lift at any one time and people taking turns to use the toilet. The toilet and washing facilities to be sanitised after every use.

No more than 12 people in total to occupy Room 1 at any time. This is the maximum number allowed for that room.

Ventilation using windows and exit door to be encouraged and no heaters or fans to be used in the rooms.

Tables to be separated to allow 2/3 metre distance.


Workers who are at higher risk if they contract COVID 19 due to vulnerability factors or who are shielding vulnerable people at home.


Identified workers.

WAP is a public facing service so workers do not have the option of providing the service from home. However, workers at higher risk will only be expected to come into WAP if they feel comfortable and safe doing so. Additionally,  extra measures will be put in place at all times for vulnerable workers such as ensuring those workers are additionally socially distanced from members and do not come within 3 metres of anyone who is not wearing a face mask.

Vulnerable workers will not be expected to provide any care involving touching others clothing or items/material they have touched.


Infection spread by cross contamination from surfaces.


Workers and members

Although TLC will present a fully cleaned room to WAP it will be the responsibility of the workers to ensure a thorough cleaning of any surface which has been touched including buttons, switches, door handles, windows, tables and chairs. The members will be encouraged to engage in the cleaning routine.

WAP workers will sanitise the toilet washing area after every use.

Members and staff will be encouraged to wash or sanitise their hands regularly.


Situations where the 1 metre rule may have to be compromised such as;

  • Medical emergencies such as choking, seizures, trips and falls and accidents.
  • To administer first aid or support the use of medication
  • To prevent accidents or incidents.
  • To support with balance co-ordination or to aid walking.
  • In rare circumstances to support personal care needs.


Workers and members

Vulnerable workers will not be expected to undertake such work. Workers will use aprons and gloves and use a fresh face mask and/or shield once the situation has been satisfactorily sorted out.


Potential transmission through providing food or drink to members.


Workers and members

Access to the kitchen will be limited to workers only.

Workers are to take responsibility for making hot and cold refreshments or assist in food preparation and/or serving.

All members will be encouraged to wash hands before and after eating but not to use the hand washing facilities in the kitchen


If a worker or member has a high temperature on admission to WAP or becomes unwell with any of the following:

  • new, continuous cough
  • loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)


Workers and members

The member or worker should be immediately moved to the designated isolation room and sent home. They will be supported by workers using aprons and gloves. TLC will then need to be informed so the area can be decontaminated. They must be sent home and advised to follow the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. In an emergency, call 999 if the client is seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk.

If the person is confirmed to have COVID19 WAP will be shut for 14 days. All workers and members will be encouraged to have a test before they return


Practice whilst in the community

Cross infection surfaces while in the community.


Workers, members

The ‘Community risk assessment’ which is completed before any group leaves WAP, will also include specific risks relating to COVID and how those will be addressed on each trip/activity.

Small enclosed spaces are to be avoided, such as public transport, small shops/cafes.

Routes with busy narrow paths to be avoided where practicable.

Tissues, hand sanitizers[1] and antibacterial wipes to be taken as standard, and used regularly, on all community trips.


WAP Covid Practice Guidance: 17/08/2020     Revised: 03/01/2021 and 21/10/2021